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By Luo Wanming

Since becoming a student at South China Normal University (SCNU), my bond with the institution has only grown stronger with each passing day. My association with SCNU has not only been an educational experience but also a journey of personal growth, lasting friendships, and unforgettable moments. In this article, I would like to share some of the stories and experiences that define my relationship with SCNU and offer my heartfelt blessings to this venerable institution.

Campus Community: A Beautiful and Warm Sanctuary

My journey at SCNU commenced with the profound realization that this campus is far more than just an academic institution; it's a dynamic and thriving community teeming with endless possibilities. From the very moment I stepped foot onto this enchanting ground, I found myself spellbound by its sheer magnificence. The lush, verdant landscapes, the tranquil lakes that mirror the azure skies, and the stately architecture that graces the horizon have collectively forged an atmosphere of serene inspiration that has seamlessly woven its way into my daily existence. This campus, indeed, functions as a sanctuary – a refuge from the clamor and commotion of daily life, where students can retreat and immerse themselves in the transcendent beauty of nature.


The multicolored sunset resembles a curtain woven from silk.

Moreover, SCNU's canteen transcends the realm of mere sustenance; it serves as a melting pot of diverse culinary experiences. Here, a delightful odyssey through an array of delectable, yet affordable, dishes from various regions of China and beyond has become a gastronomic adventure. The joy of gathering with friends at the canteen, breaking bread together, and engaging in spirited conversations has endowed me with cherished memories that I shall forever hold close to my heart.


The serene and deep lake could wash the study fatigue away .

Teachers and Classmates: The Heart of SCNU

The heart and soul of SCNU are its teachers and fellow students. The relationships I've built with my professors and classmates have been invaluable. The mentorship, support, and guidance provided by the faculty have been a cornerstone of my academic journey. The camaraderie and shared experiences with my peers have enriched my life in ways I could have never imagined.

Here, I also met my cherished confidante, Summer. We are students from the same college; I major in French, and she specializes in financial management. We got to know each other through our involvement in student activities. We instantly clicked, attending classes together, organizing events, collaborating on research projects, co-authoring papers, participating in music festivals, and traveling.

In these endeavors, we carved an indelible tapestry of shared experiences, weaving together an abundance of beautiful moments, and crafting an archive of memories that will remain eternally treasured. The elegant dance of autumn leaves, the whispered secrets of spring's blossoms, and the golden hues of a setting sun all bore witness to the narratives we penned upon this hallowed campus.

As we reflect upon our journey, we offer our heartfelt gratitude to SCNU for serving as the serendipitous stage where our paths converged, forging a bond of friendship that stands as a testament to the profound impact of this institution.

Growing Through Studies: Shaping Futures

One of the key reasons for attending SCNU was the institution's strong commitment to academic excellence. The journey of learning and self-discovery here has been transformative. I've been fortunate to be a part of rigorous academic programs and engaging courses that have challenged my intellect and broadened my horizons. The dedicated faculty at SCNU have played a pivotal role in my academic journey, guiding, and inspiring me to reach for new heights.

SCNU's commitment to comprehensive training and abundant resources has allowed me to explore and excel in unexpected areas. Despite being a French major, I discovered a deep interest in media and communication. Thanks to the support and collaborative efforts of professors and classmates from the International Business College and the School of Urban Culture, I embarked on a research project on communication. In just one year, we completed the project, and I had the honor of publishing a paper on communication as the first author.

This experience was a turning point in my academic journey, and it wouldn't have been possible without SCNU's resources, dedicated faculty, and the support of my fellow students. The knowledge and skills I gained through this project not only enriched my academic profile but also paved the way for my graduate studies at the Communication University of China. I am deeply grateful to SCNU for its role in fostering my intellectual growth and providing opportunities that extend beyond the traditional boundaries of my major.

My journey at SCNU has been a transformative experience that has extended far beyond academics. The institution's commitment to holistic development, the nurturing environment, and the countless growth opportunities have shaped me into a more confident, well-rounded individual.

The university's natural beauty, cultural landmarks, and engaging faculty have left an indelible mark on my life. As SCNU turns 90, I offer my heartfelt blessings and gratitude to this esteemed institution. May SCNU continue to inspire and empower generations of students, just as it has done for me.

In conclusion, SCNU is not just an institution; it's a family that nurtures dreams and helps students realize their potential. It's a place where memories are made, friendships are forged, and futures are shaped. Happy 90th anniversary, SCNU – thank you for being an integral part of my life.

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