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By Lin Jieyu

Slowly walking around Yan Lake at SCNU, I bathed in the warm sun. It's so quite and pleasant, and I started to hum, "you are the pretty sunshine of my life..." The lyrics brought back my memory of one important teacher in my life.

He is my senior high school geography teacher--Li Qiyun. Maybe you will ask me why my teacher has something to do with SCNU. To tell you the truth, not only did he graduate from South China Normal University, he was also awarded as one of the excellent schoolfellows in the 85th anniversary ceremony of SCNU.


Mr Li and I at my coming-of-age ceremony

Everything started from the light in his eyes.

His affection and passion for teaching is what I see as light. Through the light, I can feel his determination and persistence in striving to be a good teacher. Through the light, I can imagine my dream of becoming a teacher one day. The light is just like an indescribable power that keeps pushing me forward.

Encounter with the light

The first time he came into our classroom, he introudced himself like this,"I graduated from South China Normal University and I will be your geography teacher this year." Though the introduction was so short and plain, you cannot imagine how proud and confident he was when he spoke out these words. I can still feel his sincere pride rising from the bottom of his heart when he spoke out every single word of SCNU and I still remember the firmness in his eyes. That firmness is just like a light shining into my heart--so warm and encouraging.

Somehow he knew that my dream was to be a teacher. Once when we were having a break, he asked me to his office and said to me gently,"I can see you are making arduous efforts for your dreams and it's really praise-worthy. And you have longed for being a teacher for a long time, haven't you?" I smiled and nodded happily. At that time, I felt like meeting a sincere friend. "So why don't you set South China Normal University as your dream university?" Suddenly I realized that's exactly what I need to do. I have been working really hard. However, I don't even set my dream university. Thanks to his reminder, I was more certain and devoted to pursuing my dream.

Share the glory

One night, when all the students were studying quietly in the classroom, Mr Lee came and invited me to make a video. At first, I felt confused and didn't know what the video was about. Mr Li then told me that he was honored with an "excellent schoolfellow" of South China Normal University and the working team from SCNU would come and record a video of him. After listening to Mr Lee's words, I was so surprised and excited that I could share Mr Li's significant moment at SCNU.

For Mr Li, this is his unique gift for the 85th Anniversary Celebration of SCNU.

For me, this is where my dream set sail!

When recording the video, I saw the light in his eyes. The light was telling me a dream to hold on, a dream university to fight for and a faith to persist!

One year later, 2019, I was successfully admitted to South China Normal University. You cannot imagine how thrilled I was when I received the admission letter.


The 85th Anniversary Celebration of SCNU

It was at school that I saw the video of Mr Li which I helped to make then. The video was played at the 85th Anniversary Celebration. More surprisingly, I was also in the video! How proud I was when I sat in the classroom and watched this meaningful video! At that moment, I realized that I have been a SCNUer like Mr Lee. Through the video, I still could see Mr Lee's inspiring light in his eyes. This time, the light seemed to tell me never forget why I started and to carry on in campus life...

Chase the light

Mr Lee has been practicing the motto of SCNU: be a model of virtue for others. Following his path, I will continue to be a dream-seeker and chase that light in the following years. And I will be a story teller in this new era and share my new stories with SCNU.

Maybe ten years later, when I am a teacher on the stage, I can proudly say,"Boys and girls, I graduated from South China Normal University." And also, I hope they can see the light in my eyes--just like the way I saw the light in Mr Li's.

A famous philosopher named Jaspers once said,"Education is a tree shaking a tree, a cloud to promote a cloud, a soul awaken another soul." I'm glad that Mr Lee's light has lit up my dream. Hopefully, the light in my eyes will also light up other students' dream in the years to come.

Life, is just like a long journey. During this long journey, you will encounter many interesting people and many wonderful things. They will teach you a lot in your life journey. Fortunately, in my life, I encounter Mr Lee, see the light in his eyes and meet South China Normal University.

Now, I'm slowly walking near Yan Lake and recalling all these unforgettable memories in my mind. The sun is so bright and I am enchanted by the warm sunshine. I can't help but hum,"You are the pretty sunshine of my life..."

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