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By Ouyang Peichun

When I look back on my college life, I am so grateful that I've spend many wonderful days at SCNU. Every season of SCNU has amazed me and every corner of the campus has touched my heart. It is all those days that compose the most unforgettable stories between SCNU and I.


A photo of my friends and I taken at the Shipai campus

In spring, the sun shines gently at SCNU every day. Early in the morning, some people appear bleary-eyed when toothbrushing, some full of spirits doing sports on the playground. What's common between them is that all of them are breathing fresh air. On both sides of the road, birds are singing for handsome boys on the trees, while flowers in the grass serve as a a perfect photo background for beautiful girls. Occasionally, there is a butterfly flying along the road, accompanying some students on their way to school. When you go to Yan Lake, you will find that there are always students reading books aloud by the lakeside, and the spring breeze ripples on the lake, and then blows across their youthful faces. It can be perceived as an atmosphere of youth, like the spring scenery everywhere, permeates the whole campus, awakening students' expectations for the new term. It is exactly the spring of SCNU that makes us full of confidence about the future.

In summer, the sky, having lit up with the first light, smiles at the campus which begins to wake up before six o 'clock in the early morning. While the air conditioners are still stroking some people in their sleep, the clear sounds of reading have resounded through Butterfly Pavilion at dawn. At noon, when the bell rings, students flock to the supermarket to buy cold drinks. Sometimes, a gust of wind blows up, bringing the fragrance of lotus flowers in Yan Lake. It is the summer of SCNU that makes us full of energy.


Butterfly Pavilion at the University Town Campus

In autumn, leaves blown down by the breeze lie around the campus road in a mess. Then our cleaners would sweep them into piles of “treasures”. Somewhere at the campus, the melody of the flute, played by the street performer, will take the soft wind into the ears of the clouds in the sky. In the evening, the yellow street lights illuminate the fallen leaves on the ground, with which people do not feel lonely. Instead they are keen to take photos to admire the small beauty of life. For those students who come to study at SCNU from afar, the autumn of SCNU can make them feel warmth.

Although there are few bare branches or beautiful snowflakes in winter, there is heated milk in the store and cordial greeting from the dormitory administrator. Regardless of the weather, the canteen staff always smile and ask students warmly what they want to eat. The students in cotton clothes mess up their hair in the cold wind on the road, but their faces beam with happy smiles all the time. In the library, they study so hard that nothing can distract their attention. Luckily, Ceiba insignis on the way to the teaching buildings finally blossom. As the only pink that belongs to SCNU, they fall into the students' pink dream at midnight. In spite of the cold wind, students' hearts are always flowing with warm blood in the winter of SCNU.

This is the eternal beauty of the four seasons at SCNU and the most beautiful time of my youth. If I could only express my feelings to SCNU in one word, I would say, "I love you forever, my SCNU."


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