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By Liang Haolin

I have been fortunate enough to experience the joy and exhilaration of being part of the SCNU community. Recently, our campus is gearing up for its 90th annual celebration--a time to look back and also look forward. As a proud new addition to this esteemed institution, I would like to share my experience on my exploration of my newfound home, which unveils its hidden corners and charm to me.

From the moment I set foot on this hallowed ground, I have been reaping something I had never expected before.

The beauty of the campus is breathtaking, and I often find myself marveling at these picturesque settings. The school path dotted with flowers spurs my creativity and inspires me to be more mindful of the natural environment. The stately buildings and facilities remind me of the rich heritage and tradition of this renowned university, which I'm now proud to call my alma mater.


The beautiful scenery shot at SCNU.

As a student majoring in literature, I have been blessed with a platform that enables me to overview literature from different perspectives, which not only sparked my intellectual curiosity but also enhanced my critical thinking talent. With a wide variety of books available in the school library, I have been able to read more books than ever before. I find that addicted to reading, I can construct my world freely and absorb abundant strength from it. Reading has nurtured my intellectual growth and has helped me to be more analytical in my approach towards academics and life in general. With exposure to a completely new set of challenges and opportunities, I grow both academically and personally.

After a long day of studying, I find immense pleasure in other areas. Participation in co-curricular activities and the Campus Youth Volunteer Association benefit me a lot. For example, I received first aid training and got basic first aid skills like CPR and different methods of bandaging. These meaningful practices endowed me with the confidence to respond quickly and efficiently while facing emergencies. It also encouraged me to give back to this community and make a positive impact. What's more, having indulged in sports and fitness activities not only helps me maintain physical health but also provides a great opportunity for me to socialize and make new friends. I have met so many different people from diverse backgrounds and formed a solid friendship with some of them. The relationships I form have been built on mutual understanding, respect and support. Whether it is studying together, sharing a meal, or just hanging out, my friends have become the backbone of my university life.


Photo of the various activities I have joined.

These sessions of my exploration taught me the significance of striking a balance between study and entertainment.

Another highlight of my time here has been the exposure to the vast array of different cuisines. Dim sum, Siu Mei, steamed vermicelli roll, etc. The diverse dishes available on campus are a feast for my taste buds.


Photo of delicious cuisines at SCNU.

My exploration in SCNU is not only about acquiring knowledge and skills but also about personal growth and development. By taking advantage of the opportunities offered, I am now advancing in a well-rounded way.

On the occasion of your 90th anniversary--my SCNU, I would like to express my heartfelt wishes to you. May your anniversary celebration bring joy and pride to all the students and faculty members. May the memories of your glorious past serve as a source of inspiration for your continued progress and success. May you always uphold the principles

May all your years ahead be filled with more achievements, accomplishments and celebrations!

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