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By Qiu Qian

In the embrace of the vibrant campus, a haven of natural beauty and intellectual pursuit, I embarked on my journey as a student at SCNU. The splendour of the campus, the dynamic interactions with fellow students, and the nurturing guidance of esteemed professors have shaped my unforgettable experience at SCNU.

Walking through the campus, I am captivated by the picturesque scenery that surrounds me. Towering ancient trees stand tall, as if guardians of wisdom, shading the paths that lead to knowledge and enlightenment. The harmonious blend of nature and architecture creates a serene atmosphere that inspires creativity and contemplation.

One of the treasures of SCNU is its tranquil lake, reflecting the azure sky like a mirror. Throughout the seasons, cherry blossoms bloom delicately along its banks, infusing the air with their sweet fragrance. Under the shade of the willow trees, I often find solace, immersing myself in literature or engaging in profound conversations with friends. It is in these moments of tranquillity that the true essence of SCNU's spirit reveals itself -- an interplay between reflection and growth.


A beautiful view of the lake (Graphic: Xu Qing/SCNU News Agency).

As I ventured into the classrooms, I discovered a diverse community of scholars, all driven by their thirst for knowledge. The passionate exchange of ideas within these walls, sparked by both professors and students, fostered a vibrant atmosphere of intellectual stimulation. Through animated discussions and challenging debates, I realized that education at SCNU extended far beyond textbooks -- it was an invitation to question, explore, and critically analyze the world around us.

SCNU's commitment to fostering holistic growth led me to participate in numerous brand culture activities. One such event, "Innovation Week", showcased the inventive spirit of students from various disciplines. Collaborating with talented peers, we applied our knowledge to solve real-world problems, innovating solutions that had the potential to impact society positively. These experiences not only honed my technical skills but also instilled in me a profound appreciation for the power of teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration.

While SCNU's commitment to academic excellence is unwavering, its spirit extends beyond the confines of the classroom. The vibrant campus life, brimming with cultural events, clubs, and organizations, provides a platform for self-discovery and personal growth. I joined the photography club, where I learned to capture fleeting moments and tell stories through the lens. Through the art of photography, I discovered the beauty hidden within everyday life and shared these narratives with the wider community.

SCNU's legacy of exceptional educators remains etched in my heart. Professors not only impart knowledge but also ignite curiosity and guide students towards their full potential. I recall one professor whose passion for their subject matter was contagious. They not only taught the theoretical concepts but also inspired us to explore practical applications and encouraged critical thinking. It is through their mentorship that I developed the confidence to pursue excellence in my chosen field.

SCNU has become more than an institution; it is a second home, a sanctuary of learning, growth, and cherished memories. Within its hallowed walls, surrounded by the enchanting harmony of nature and knowledge, I have blossomed into not only a scholar but also an individual equipped with empathy, resilience, and a global perspective.

As the 90th anniversary of SCNU approaches, I am filled with gratitude for the transformative experiences and lifelong friendships cultivated within its nurturing environment. South China Normal University, with its rich tapestry of natural beauty, intellectual pursuits, and unwavering spirit, will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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