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By Hu Shirui

Stepping into the vibrant campus of South China Normal University marked the beginning of an incredible journey as a freshman. My days at SCNU were filled with a myriad of experiences that intertwined seamlessly with my academic pursuits and personal growth. 

The first challenge came in the form of military training—an arduous yet fulfilling initiation into university life. The camaraderie forged during those physically demanding days laid the foundation for lasting friendships. It was during this time that I discovered my passion for singing and, with the encouragement of my seniors, joined the choir of the School of Literature.

Under the meticulous guidance of my seniors, our choir not only survived but thrived in competitions. The joy of achieving success in the choir competition was a testament to the supportive community within SCNU. Encouraged by this victory, I sought new avenues for self-expression and auditioned for the university's singing team. The experience of facing a panel of judges and the subsequent acceptance into the team broadened my horizons and introduced me to a group of talented individuals who shared my love for music.

Academic pursuits were equally enriching. Competing in various contests, such as English writing, reading, and essay competitions, allowed me to delve into different facets of knowledge and showcase my skills on a broader stage. The intellectual stimulation provided by these competitions complemented the formal education I received in the classroom.

Weekends were a treasure trove of exploration as friends and I ventured into the heart of Guangzhou. Together, we discovered the city's hidden gems, embracing its culture, cuisine, and unique blend of tradition and modernity. These escapades not only solidified our friendships but also enriched our understanding of the world beyond the campus gates.

Active participation in both class and extracurricular activities deepened my connection with SCNU. The bonds formed with seniors, who generously shared their wisdom and experiences, became an invaluable source of guidance. The warmth and encouragement from my class teacher further strengthened my sense of belonging to the SCNU family.

As the 90th-anniversary celebration of SCNU approached, the campus buzzed with excitement and pride. The milestone offered an opportunity for reflection, acknowledging the rich history and the collective efforts that shaped the university into the nurturing environment it had become.

Looking back, my journey at SCNU was not merely about acquiring knowledge from textbooks but about the holistic development that occurs when academics, arts, and friendships converge. SCNU became more than an educational institution—it became a second home, a community where I discovered my passions, honed my talents, and forged friendships that would last a lifetime.

The 90th anniversary celebration was a grand affair, a culmination of the shared experiences and achievements of students, faculty, and alumni. It was a moment to revel in the collective accomplishments of the SCNU community and to envision a future where the university continued to be a beacon of knowledge and inspiration.

As I stood amidst the jubilant crowd during the anniversary festivities, I felt a deep sense of gratitude for the transformative years spent at SCNU. The university had not only equipped me with academic knowledge but had also instilled in me a spirit of resilience, a passion for the arts, and a profound appreciation for the diverse tapestry of human connections.

In essence, my story with SCNU is a tapestry woven with threads of hard work, joy, friendship, and personal discovery. Each chapter, from the challenging days of military training to the triumphs on the competition stage, contributed to the person I had become. SCNU had not just been a stepping stone in my academic journey; it had been the fertile ground where I had planted the seeds of my dreams and watched them grow.

As the anniversary celebration drew to a close, I realized that the 90 years of SCNU's existence were not just a testament to its longevity but a testament to the countless stories like mine—the stories of individuals whose lives had been touched, transformed, and enriched by the vibrant tapestry of SCNU.

So, here's to South China Normal University, to the memories created within its hallowed halls, to the friendships forged under its ancient trees, and to the countless stories that continue to unfold within its embrace. Happy 90th anniversary, SCNU! May the journey of discovery and growth continue for generations to come.

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