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By Luo Yi

The moment I stepped into the Binhai Campus of South China Normal University last year, I knew it would be the place where I'd meet my dreams. From daily campus life to interactions with people, from academic pursuits to soulful reflections, every step marks my growth.


The beautiful scenery shot at Binhai Campus.

The seaside campus of SCNU, nestled in a city blessed with endless oceans, serves as the bridge between me and my dreams. In the early morning, I often jog along the lush green trails of the campus. Even without the direct caress of the sea breeze, the humid air and the faint scent of the distant sea always evoke nature's allure, invigorating me for the new day ahead. As dusk descends, the unique sunset of Shanwei becomes our most anticipated sight. The dreamlike colors not only adorned the sky but also became the most beautiful image in our hearts. The fiery reds, golden yellows, and muted purples — every time, pausing to admire this spectacle with friends feels like another affectionate conversation with SCNU.


The wonderful scenery of the sea and the campus at dust.

In this university, every time I step into the class, it feels as though I'm opening the door to a new world. This exploration is not only about knowledge but also a profound reflection on oneself and life. The intellectual collisions and emotional exchanges with teachers and classmates, like participating in the "Golden Seed Project", late-night group efforts, and discussions on our theses, have become invaluable experiences in my journey of growth. Faced with various challenges, every moment of confusion and realization has strengthened my determination to move forward. Here, teachers are not only guides to knowledge but also mentors in life, while my peers have become close friends in this journey of growth. Although half of my postgraduate life has passed, the days of striving alongside everyone have left a profound mark on my heart. This is a testament to friendship and collective growth. There's still a long road ahead, filled with uncertainties and challenges.

In such a place full of academic atmosphere and natural beauty, SCNU offers us opportunities for in-depth academic pursuits and also enriches our campus life. Once the classroom bell rings, we are welcomed into another space of learning and growth — campus activities. On a certain day of every month, just as the sun sets, the plaza below the dormitory becomes particularly lively. This is because of the flash mob organized by the student union. The plaza resonates with the songs and dances of performers, each performance brimming with passion and evoking a strong sense of resonance amongst us. I am also honored to have participated in numerous campus volunteer activities. For instance, for the upcoming 90th anniversary of the school, I, along with other volunteers, will join hands to contribute our efforts to this special day. In addition, I've taken part in blood donation, cultural evenings, freshman orientations, and many other volunteer activities, each experience reinforcing the power of selfless giving and allowing me to feel warmth and love.


I participate in the volunteer activity for SCNU's 90th anniversary.

My tale with SCNU continues, with each chapter brimming with warmth and vigor. Though I still have more than a year until graduation, I am well aware that the days ahead will be filled with even more memories and gains. I'm grateful to SCNU and to everyone here, for making every day of my postgraduate life filled with anticipation. On this special occasion, I'd also like to extend my best wishes to the university: Happy 90th Anniversary to SCNU!

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