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By Yang Yingxiang

With the progress of the society and the change of times, artificial intelligence emerges at the historic moment in the network era, as the whole world faces challenges and changes.

Artificial Intelligence has facilitated people's life and continuously improved people's living standards. The in-depth research of researchers on AI has made the relevant technologies continue to progress, bringing scientific and technological dividends and making life more convenient to different countries. 

In the innovation of the documentary Brilliant China, the AI product "Minions" is eye-catching which is able to sort packages efficiently, without chaos on complex routes. In addition, industrial robots also shine, as they can replace human workers in harsh and dangerous working environments and perform boring jobs without stopping. Its outstanding advantages of high efficiency and low cost make it the first choice of quite a few industries.


A restaurant's food delivery robot is making its way to the room where it needs to deliver food,"Hi, your dish has arrived."

However, every coin has two sides. There is no denying that artificial intelligence brings both opportunities and challenges. While AI technology is promising, some workers who do simple work are worried. Due to the unmatched efficiency and low error rate of artificial intelligence, factories have replaced labor with machines. 

In addition, artificial intelligence AlphaGo defeated Chinese Go player Ke Jie, causing people's panic that artificial intelligence will replace humans. Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and other tech titans have all spoken out, fearing that AI will spin out of control and play out as in science fiction, while others fear that the automation of cognitive work will lead to widespread unemployment.

In fact, after every panic, technological progress creates far more jobs than it kills, and the society needs more people to engage in new jobs. ATMs, for example, replace some bank tellers, saving money by setting up branches and allowing employees to enter sales and customer service where machines cannot. Similarly, the emergence of e-commerce has increased the living space of retailers. 

The same applies to artificial intelligence. The development of technology has changed the demand for jobs, and workers and enterprises must adapt to this change. This means tweaking education and training models to make them flexible enough to teach entirely new skills quickly and efficiently. I think countries should learn from Denmark's flexible security system, which makes it easier for companies to lay off workers, but provides protection while laid-off workers are retrained and reemployed. Under such a system, benefits, pensions, health care, etc., should follow the individual, not the employee. Despite rapid technological advances, the education and welfare systems of the industrial age were not fully modernized, nor were they sufficiently flexible. Innovation is imperative and policymakers must act.

Artificial intelligence does replace some people's jobs, but it only replaces simple and boring labor, with limited impact on social service, high-tech, medical and health posts. Moreover, the simple and boring work itself will be replaced with the progress of the times and the innovation of equipment. It is worth noting that although the development of artificial intelligence has impacted human society to a certain extent and it has also provided infinite possibilities for the development and progress of human society. 

On the one hand, artificial intelligence also provides many emerging social posts when it replaces some replaceable human jobs, creating many jobs for a large number of AI experts and researchers, and continuously promoting the mutual integration and development of human and intelligence. On the other hand, to a certain extent, it urges people to strive to improve their professional knowledge and skills, comply with national strategic decisions, provide their own strength for the progress of national scientific research, and improve their irreplaceability.

By way of the conclusion, the development of artificial intelligence has greatly improved the level of social development, enriched and improved human life, and promoted the continuous progress of work quality. Although its development has brought many challenges, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence will become another engine to promote economic development. We need to make proper and rational use of artificial intelligence, give full play to its positive role and use it to promote the development and progress of innovation.

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