Do you want a chance to tell your own story?
Do you want to impress others with your sincere feelings?
Undergoing profound changes unseen in a century,
have you ever come up with any idea that you would like to express?
Then why not write down to share?


Established on October 30, 2018, the SCNU English website, striving to provide rich information about SCNU, has accumulated more than 210,000 page views since then, covering users from 166 countries and regions.


In the essay contest themed “SCNU & ME” last year, we received a total of 322 articles from 30 schools. Of these, 32 students stood out and won rewards. Yi Jing, a master's degree graduate from the School of Life Sciences, won the first prize.



Yi Jing, student who won the first prize in 2019.

"Participating in this competition made me realize that at university, we should not stay in our comfort zone and be limited by our own major. Instead, we should try some things that we are interested in and explore our potential." said Yi Jing, who encourages every student to have a try. This year, she will go to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Representative Office in Namibia for a UN internship program.


Regarding the theme of this year, she suggested that when writing sentences, students can start from the perspective of their majors, think carefully about the challenges confronted with in life, and explore the opportunities behind them. “The theme of this year’s competition is very close to life. Craft and polish the details heart and soul, and your story will be brilliant!”  


We believe that with all the challenges that we have had to go through this year, we will be stronger and tougher than ever before.


Now, it's your showtime! Hold tight to your pen, face the challenge, and let’s take some challenges and make some changes!




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Translated by Ma Shuying, Yan Xiaoxi, Cen Jingxian, Yang Yi

Proofread by Edwin Baak

Edited by Li Jianru

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