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By Chen Huangyuan

Would you get around to seeing your roommates' performance? I would usually say no instantly, until that night of the great choir competition in the Handball Hall on the Shipai campus, and the arrival of my roommates despite the heavy traffic to be present at our choir performance. I will never forget.

"I'd like to participate in it!" After knowing that the choir competition of my school would be held in two months and every institute began to recruit choir members, I was extremely excited. I was once in a choir at my middle school, and enjoyed the singing experience there very much. Three years of my high school without singing in a choir have passed, so the upcoming competition was definitely appealing to me. 

After an interview of singers, I became one of the choir members who represented our institution and sang for our lovely China with great honor. Nevertheless, the daily choir training was not as easy as I thought. Achieving harmony was a challenge for our members who all had capabilities to sing well individually. Therefore, we needed more time to polish our own tones and repeatedly sing together.

When I went back to my dormitory after every training night, I found one of my roommates Ou, sleeping in her bed, and rolling over. This resulted in a feeling of guilt with me for always disturbing her dreams. She must be annoyed about my late return. One day I heard familiar rhythms, however, from the bathroom when Ou was taking a shower. It was so surprising that I realized she was always supporting me instead of having a prejudice against me. When she came out of the bathroom, I asked her if I was bothering her at night. She just smiled and said, “I don’t even know when were you back at night.” It gave me the touch that she is the only one who had interest in what I sang, unconsciously followed my humming in the dorm and finally got hold of the song, for she didn’t have to learn it.

Time flies, and the competition was approaching. I sometimes suggested my roommates to come to see me casually because I knew that they had own things to do. One of them, Mei, was certain that she had to attend a class that night, while the other two both said they probably had no time. "I will try! I would like to take photos for you!" Meng, who were always busy at that time, said excitedly.

At the beginning of the audio-visual feast, I didn’t receive any messages which told me they would come until I asked in our dorm group chat on WeChat. “We are coming, but the traffic is too terrible to take the bus; it took us 2 hours on the bus so far! We have to transfer to the metro.” 

To my surprise again, Meng put down what she was recently busy with, and Ou, once her experiment was over, immediately came together with Meng. Sitting in the audience to see others perform, the question struck me suddenly. Would I be sitting there if my roommates performed on the stage? No, I replied beyond doubt. I would be studying in the library to deal with the inorganic chemistry which always puzzled me. But I changed my mind the moment I saw them hurriedly running towards me.

"I bought a hamburger for you, I know you refuse to eat supper, but you should eat something tonight before the singing competition." "You are so beautiful! I must take photos!" Then they acted like a professional camera team, taught me how to pose well, deployed the flashlight for better effect, and we really enjoyed the time we spent outside the hall. 


My roommates Ou (left) and Meng (right) come to cheer me on the day of my competition

With their support, I was more confident to stand on the stage, singing with our members for our country. Though we just won two small prizes eventually, we won invaluable friendship and precious experience of cooperation. We have a strong choir team, and students in our institution were all supporting us a lot. Those kinds of things which can't be replaced by big prizes, are cultivated carefully by everyone in our harmonic family.

I quietly opened the door, Mei was sleeping. Ou and Meng were still on the way back. I clicked on my Moments and wrote down: I am grateful for you to watch my first grand performance at the university. What you enable me to know is a pure friendship that is worth to treasure. You are my sun.

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