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By Deng Yingyu

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I accidentally saw the “SCNU & ME” English Writing Contest on the English website of South China Normal University, which evoked memories of my four-year undergraduate study life and my dear classmates. The humorous teacher on the dais, the heated discussions after class, and the hard work of the students in the library, like a series of shots in a movie flashing in front of my eyes. It's so nice and vivid that I can't help but pick up my pen to reminisce the good times that have passed by.

In September 2014, like other students, I entered the gates of SCNU with my youthful dream, being very excited and curious about everything. In that year, I went to the old basketball court to go through the admission procedures, and attended the military training for new students; In that year, I summoned my courage to walk into the mysterious administrative building and submitted the application forms for the Youth Volunteers Association and the Student Union; In that year, my first ethnic minority friend took me to the halal canteen.


The view from the main entrance of the Shipai campus

In the first two years of college, I studied in the experimental class of comprehensive talent training. At the first symposium, the teacher of the Academic Affairs Office gave us a detailed introduction to the training program. As the professional with the highest admission score, the experimental class aims to cultivate scientific research talents and implements a two-stage training mode. In addition, the class will implement the elimination system, and those who fail the final results will be eliminated. In order not to be eliminated, I studied very hard, during which two things happened that impressed me deeply. 

The first thing happened in the first semester of my sophomore year. My roommate and I took courses in psychology on the Shipai campus, which is 10 kilometers away from us. To catch up with the morning class, we had to get up at six o’clock. After buying breakfast in the canteen, usually a steamed bun and some yogurt, we walked to the bus terminal a few kilometers away for the first bus. Once we are seated, we fell asleep immediately and automatically waked up when we got to the station, as if there was an alarm clock in our body. Now when I recall this experience that was seemed to be very hard at that time, I think it was very memorable and really miss the good old days. 


I take courses in the School of Psychology

The second thing happened in our junior year. We officially chose to major in psychology. It has a good team of experts and scholars who are famous at home and abroad, which means higher demands on students. I remembered that during the winter exams, in order to cope with six professional courses and two elective courses, my roommate and I often burnt the midnight oil. There is also a little wild cat in our dormitory building, who will be home on time every day around 1 am. Whenever I saw that cat emerged lightly and silently from the corner of the stairs, I knew that tonight's study was almost over. One day, after I finished my day of learning, I adapted a jingle by fits and snatches.

Winter is breezy, sneezy, freezy

Book is elusive, excessive, comprehensive

I  am  antsy,  dizzy, crazy

Although I occasionally complained that the exam was a bit difficult, I actually thanked the teacher for his strict requirements from the bottom of my heart. During my study in South China Normal University, I not only accumulated profound knowledge, but also cultivated a way of thinking about problems, and gradually formed my own worldview and values.

When I didn't have classes, I basically immersed myself in the library. The library is the sacred spiritual hall, the heart of the university. Besides its rich collection, our library also organized a wide variety of activities from time to time. Among them, my favorite was the "real person library". 

The "real person library" is a virtual concept. All books are real people. Borrowing books means listening to their stories. These people are volunteers, some are industry scholars, some are famous entertainers, some are gay people... This kind of reading is a face-to-face interaction, with the main theme being "don't judge a book by its cover". Stop discrimination, don't judge people by their appearance.  Everyone has his own rich stories, and everyone has something to learn.

This is SCNU. We admired the noble personality charm, and we adhered to the style of integrating knowledge and action. I felt I was living an unreal life until I attended South China Normal University, a place of freedom, that I fell in love with it almost at first sight and decided to commit my youth to it firmly. 

In the warm wind of south China, there are not only beautiful girls and romantic love, but also a large number of white-haired teachers who let us look up and admire them. Imbued with Lingnan's pioneering and pragmatic spirits, SCNU has developed a tradition of elegant simplicity and fostered a strong learning environment. A person's ambition, the formation of world view and values have a close relationship with the university era. I have always had a special feeling for my alma mater, SCNU. 

I returned to China Normal University for postgraduate study this September. At the moment when I stepped into the campus again, I suddenly felt that memories came to my mind, and everything seemed to have happened only yesterday. Organizing my thoughts and strolling on the school roads, I knew that I will start a rich and colorful journey at SCNU again.

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