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By Jin Wen

In August 2019, I made an appointment with 33 students from the entrepreneurship and innovation camp of South China Normal University to study the innovation and entrepreneurship course at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. We have completed the quality development training on Sentosa Island, the entrepreneurship course at Nanyang Technological University, and the urban planning visit in the Singapore city. If I have to pick out the most valuable things I got out of it, it can be summed up in three words – courage, innovation and teamwork. They also represent my renewed perception of innovation and entrepreneurship at my current stage.

First of all: courage. Before this trip, I thought the word courage was just a corny, old-fashioned word. People use it so often as if it were easily available to everyone. But during this research experience, I realized that there is more in this word than I thought. Having courage is the first step to innovation and entrepreneurship. It means to try bravely. 

What impressed me most was the high-altitude challenge program in the leadership development training. Eight meters high, the goal was to cross the thin line between the posts and to land back to the ground. Even with the rope protection from my teammates, I was still afraid because that was my first time doing a high-altitude project before. 

"Can you really go across it?" I kept asking myself when I stepped on the hoop to the top of the stake, reached for the suspended rope. I stepped on the thin line and shivered in the air. I took a deep breath, once and again. With the cheers from my teammates, I looked straight ahead, up and down. The moment I reached the other side and jumped back to the ground, the joy of daring to try thrilled me. It is not just about innovation and entrepreneurship, but also about life. Only by trying bravely can we seize the opportunity and discover new beauty.


We complete the high-altitude challenge program

Secondly: innovation. The purpose of this trip has been to learn to be creative. From the classes of Professor Fu Zhiwei and Mr. XieYaoqing and the study of urban planning in Singapore, I have gained a new understanding of "innovation". At this stage, the chances of creating something completely new that has never existed in the world are extremely small. So, for innovation, our thinking should not be about subversion, but to break through. A breakthrough here means improvement and perfection. It can be the recombination of related elements of existing things, or the optimization of related functions or elements of existing things. Just as the urban development of Singapore implements the combination of sunlight, plants and the city has been a great success.

Last but not the least: teamwork. One person can go fast, but a group of people can reach further. Innovation and entrepreneurship are inseparable from teamwork, which is a critical part of brainstorming and division of workload. Brainstorming allows different ideas to flow, driving the birth of new ideas. 

A good division of workload, not only shows how we should place ourselves in the teamwork, but also improves the efficiency of completing a project. My classmates of the Singapore class, from different majors, shine in various areas of excellence. With such a group of excellent people who shared the same visions, I learned and cooperated with them, which not only expanded my vision, but also set new goals for my life’s direction.


I pose in front of the Nanyang Technopreneurship Center 

Many thanks to our school for giving me such a precious opportunity, which not only expands my horizon, but also makes me strive for higher platforms. I treasure what I felt and learned during the fortnight, and keep improving and going forward.

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