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By Deng Kaihua

I am a student majoring in Chinese Language and Literature education at the College of Arts. In 2017, with curiosity about the unknown life at university, I became a student of South China Normal University. Up till now, I have been at this school for three years. In retrospect, it looks like a long time, but it has gone in a flash. 

In the past three years, I have gained a lot. There are touching friendships, teachers' follow-up instructions, friends' enthusiastic help, hard and unforgettable growth... I have tasted both sweet and bitter. Sometimes, I have felt unhappy because I had little conflicts with peers; sometimes, I have felt very regretful about certain activities I did not participate in; sometimes, I have felt excited about hard won achievements. In my three years at South China Normal University, I have experienced many memorable things, of which the most memorable is still the time with the community.

When I was in the first year at university, I joined the instrumental band of the art troupe of the Arts College. In the instrumental band, I was finally able to perform on the stage, and my dream of spotlight on the stage was finally realized. I remember my first public performance was the freshman's welcome party of the college. As a member of the art troupe, I was also invited to participate in the performance. 

On the evening of the welcome party, my senior sisters and classmates of the instrumental band and I put on exquisite performance clothes and bright makeup, and stepped on the stage in applause. We performed a famous traditional song of Guangdong - Clouds chasing the moon. It was November 2, 2017, and it was early autumn. There was a slight chill in the evening. We played the song with the bright moonlight. 


Performance of "Clouds chasing the moon"

I remember that it was the first time I played the piano in front of so many people, so I was very nervous unconsciously, my hands were shaking all the time, and it was not easy to finish the performance. I thought it was an unsuccessful performance. After the performance, I kept blaming myself in my heart. However, when I picked up my mobile phone, I found that many students who had just known each other had sent me messages. They sent me pictures and videos of my performances via Wechat and praised them as "awesome". 

Seeing this news, I forgot the tension and self reproach just now and became happy. In the follow-up time of the instrumental band, I participated in many performances, the tension on the stage gradually faded, and I became accustomed to the hard rehearsal before the performance. Later, I became more and more fond of the instrumental band and the music and experience on the stage it brought.

One year later, I was promoted to the second grade, and through the campaign, I became the leader of the band. As a team leader, I learned a different experience from being a team member. As a team member, I just need to listen to the arrangement of elder martial sisters and try to rehearse. But as a team leader, it means shouldering more responsibilities and having higher ability. 

Slowly, I learned how to lead and organize the junior martial sisters to rehearse and perform together, and how to promote the development of the instrumental band. In the next semester of the second grade, I led my partners of the instrument band to the Guangzhou Cultural Center to hold a public performance. I was very proud to see my members of the band shining on such a new stage. 

The second year is very busy, but it was this time of being so busy that taught me how to better deal with the relationship between study, community and life. In the second grade, I gradually found the way to learn, so that my grades improved; in the second grade, my love of music  increased; in the second grade, I had learned how to talk with my heart, and found the direction that I would like to work for in the future.

In a flash, I became a third grade student. In the third grade, I made a small plan for myself to study the guqin, a broad and profound traditional art. This semester, I took the general course of guqin offered by school and studied guqin performance with teacher Zhang Lin of the conservatory of music. Through the process of learning to play the guqin, I can feel the wonderful power of Chinese traditional music. Playing the guqin brings not only the improvement of art skills to me, but also a great spiritual power. Learning to play the guqin is a way to talk with your heart and learn how to be a useful person with both internal and external cultivation.

Three years are fleeting. Next year, I will graduate. Maybe, I will stay in school and continue studying. Maybe, I will go to other cities and other schools to continue my study. But anyway, my time at South China Normal University is the most unforgettable time of my life. Here, I grow up to be a person, here, I see the front. I am very grateful to my school. At school, I have found the infinite possibilities in my life. The future must be very promising. In the future, I will try my best to become the pride of my school!


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