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By Yao Lin

Before I made the decision of applying to SCNU, I was shocked by a picture of one of the dormitory buildings located on the west side of the Shipai campus, which seemed gruesomely overgrown with moss on the walls. The picture, though significantly exaggerated, almost scared me away from SCNU because it was entirely contrary to my idea of dormitories at universities. After all, I used to hold a strong belief that “a lofted bed with a desk underneath it” is a basic requirement in every university. But the reality gave me a near fatal blow. I even cried out to my mother, saying that by no means would I tolerate such living conditions unless I was crazy. 

"If I am so unfortunate that I must live in this building, I would rather spend more money to live off campus!” However, I finally made an application to SCNU after considering many other factors. Still I was discouraged by the thought that I was likely to spend four years in that building.

Having received the offer, I prayed earnestly every day that I could live in the best dormitory building. My futile attempt failed. Aggrieved as I was, the only consolation was that I did not need to live in the building I saw in the picture I mentioned above. Instead, the building I was to move into is old but relatively tidy. More importantly, it has independent bathrooms, which means that I do not need to leave the dormitory every time I want to take a shower or go to the toilet.

When I arrived at the dormitory building, I must admit, it didn’t seem so bad. The dormitory is narrow, though. But compared with the building in that scary picture, I felt really lucky.

And then time flies. Actually, what bothered me most during my first year at SCNU were not the living conditions in dormitory at all, but the relationship with my roommates. As far as I am concerned, easy-going roommates are in some degree one of the most decisive elements of a pleasant daily life. Students who can interact with their roommates peacefully will not be that mad about the poor condition of their dormitory building, while the ones who often have conflicts with their roommates are more likely to complain and suffer much displeasure.

Currently, new dormitory buildings are under construction. For instance, one is just nearby the building I am living in now. So far, noise and dust have indeed caused plenty of complaints from the students, but in the future new comers will enjoy better living conditions during their university life. Although I have no chance to move into the new buildings, it is gratifying that SCNU is showing great efforts to improve students’ living conditions, not just facilities for study.

As for me, I have learnt a vital lesson from my adaptation to the dormitory, namely that the dormitory is just a small part of university life. There are many other exhilarating aspects of life at SCNU, and my perception that I was “a victim of the dormitory at SCNU” was too naive. The dormitory is only a place for me to rest and get ready for the exploration of other terra incognita. Instead of brooding about the living conditions, quick adaptation is the very thing that the students should do in the first semester at SCNU. 



So here is my advice for the freshmen: firstly, never pay too much attention to the condition of your dormitory; secondly, try your best to get used to the dormitory and make it a better place; and last but not least, put more effort in your study and building a good relationship with your roommates. That will be more meaningful.

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