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By Huang Yuyan

Lovely and vibrant, this university has witnessed so many historical changes and the growth of countless people. And I, who have had the honor to enjoy the blooming of the beautiful and bright kapok three times here, also feel the pulse of this campus.

Among the few impressive memories I have, the day when the whole campus celebrated the 85th anniversary of the university lights up like the brightest of stars. That slumbering memory floods my mind like a surging tide. 

On that day, the sun lifted its head early. Warm and bright sunlight streamed down onto the teaching buildings and danced briskly on the leaves, leaving mottled shadows on the ground. With great excitement and joy, I arrived at the teaching building of my faculty early to welcome alumni as volunteers for this anniversary. 

In the beginning, only a few teachers participating in the event went in and out. Gradually, the building that used to be quiet was bustling with noise and excitement. The pleasant atmosphere was gradually spreading. At that time, I came across three people who left a deep impression on me.

A man and a woman, who both seemed to be in their sixties, stepped out of the elevator slowly. At first, I didn’t pay too much attention to them because there were so many people getting out of the elevator. However, I noticed the old man took the woman's hand naturally and gently. At that time, I came eye to eye with them and was at a loss for a moment. Then they both smiled at me sweetly. Looking at their kind and gentle smile, I felt a warm fuzzy feeling burning at the bottom of my heart.

"Excuse me, could you take a picture of us? In front of that sign, please?” My thoughts were hauled back by that old man’s booming voice. 

"Of course!” I responded enthusiastically and continued curiously, ”Are you a couple?” 

"Yes! We are! We met here. We were classmates in the same department…" With happiness spreading all over his face, the old man said as proudly and cheerfully as a child. 

"That’s enough," the woman shook her head slightly. However, her eyes smiled into two crooked crescents. At that moment, my heart was wrapped by a sense of inexplicable warmth.

After a while, suddenly, feeling a gentle pat on my shoulder, I turned back and saw my high school classmate, Cai li. Following the direction she pointed, I found my high school English teacher, Morling! How surprised I was! 


A selfie with Caili (middle) and Morling (far right) 

I dashed to her and couldn't help calling out ”Morling!” At that time, I was so excited that I could even feel that my voice was trembling. Surprised, Morling turned toward me and burst out laughing. Spontaneously, as driven by a warm power, we clung tightly to each other. At that moment, I smelt the familiar faint perfume that I remembered from every time Morling passed by me during my high school years. 

In that instant, I felt a connection built between a student and a teacher, a teacher-training student and an in-service teacher. My heart was wrapped by a sense of inexplicable warmth again. The bright sunshine gushing out of the sun, the stories happening here, the precious emotion aroused here surrounded me, giving me endless thick warmth.

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