What can you find out when you look directly in front? Pedestrians who are engrossed in their walk or beautiful scenery along the roadside? Then, look up; gaze at the blue sky or the shimmering stars. With your head bowed, what can you discover?

Nowadays, the word "phubber" often first comes to your mind when saying "with your head bowed." At SCNU, however, it's another perspective to discover SCNU and SCNUers instead of being "phubbers" are explorers of the realm below. Let's delve into the world of SCNU below and SCNUers from this new perspective!

SCNUers lower their heads to enjoy life

Lowering their heads is a lifestyle meme for SCNUers. Immersing themselves in their study and work, SCNUers enjoy their lives with their heads bowed.


There is no limit on the number of places for attentive SCNUers who bow their heads to study.


Two researchers are absorbed in conducting experiments and recording results.


A student lowers her head and plays the ukulele attentively.

【20231204】低头族学生参加社团(摄记:李靖瑶) (3).JPG

Two students immerse themselves in painting with various colors.


A student focuses on her camera to shoot.


A teacher concentrates on preparing and designing her course.


Canteen staff bow their heads to offer delicious meals to SCNUers.

保洁阿姨低头工作 摄记:俞菀欣 (4).jpg

The dustman lowers her head to clean the road.

SCNU scenery seen with your head bowed

The scenery is not always spotted with your head raised; you may find the beauty of SCNU under your feet with your head bowed.


The lines and curves of architecture are reflected in the water.

1130低头看见的风景(摄影:陆芊骅) (9).jpg

The multicolored reflection of trees resembles an oil painting in the water.

【20231204】低头族石牌马路花瓣(摄记:李靖瑶) (1).JPG

Bathing in the sunshine, pink petals are scattered on the road.

1130低头看见的风景(摄影:陆芊骅) (16).jpg

Watch out! You're stepping on the grass covered by golden leaves.

1130低头看见的风景(摄影:陆芊骅) (17).jpg

A white cat lies in the shadow and rests leisurely.

【20231204】低头族 小鸟(摄记:李靖瑶) (1).JPG.jpg

By the lake stands a bird in the vividly green colored grass.

Are you lowering your head at this moment?

Are you enjoying life or discovering the beauty under your feet with your head bowed?

Source from SCNU News Center

Written by Li Jun, Zeng Wenting

Proofread by Edwin Baak

Edited by Li Jianru

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