The 3rd Lunchtime Lawn Concert was held successfully at the University Town Campus, SCNU on March 18. Under the theme of "brightening up your life in pursue of being an artist", the concert features different art forms, including dancing, singing and instrument playing. It attracts a large group of audiences, among which Liang Tiexiang, secretary of School of Music and the faculty dean Yang Tianjun attended the concert. 

Miss out on their wonderful performance? No worry. Check out the photo album and have a review!


Group Dance Have a Cup of Tea by undergraduates from class 2017, and postgraduates from class 2017 & 2018


Performance of Chinese Lute Spring of the South of the Yangtze River by students (Zheng Qiantong, Ni Yingjing, Wang Ying, Liao Linxi, Chen Shijia, Yang Lin)


Performance of Guzheng A Song of the Mountain by undergraduates from class 2017


Female Duet The Ballet of Spring by postgraduate students (Tang Zeqi and Fu Tian)


Hip Hop DUU-DU DUU-DU by postgraduate students from class 2018 (Qiu Xiaoyuan, Sheng Qinghui, Feng Anqi, Su Chuting, Xie Cuiping, Jin Pei)


Male Duet of Popular Song I belong to Myself by postgraduate students from class 2018 (Tang Runfeng and Li Lifeng)


Group Dance A Cry to Yaoshan by undergraduates (class 2016, class 2017, class 2018) and postgraduates (class 2017 and class 2018)


Chorus My Motherland and I  by all students from Graduate Union of School of Music, Youth League and Student Union

Source from the School of Music

Written by Li JIanru

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