On its various campuses, SCNUers love to experience and explore different things, embracing a relaxed lifestyle and living an enriching and colourful life. Now, let's learn more about the lives of some of these vibrant individuals.

Xia Ye: hard-working student teacher / shining youth idol

Xia Ye (pseudonym), of the School of Life Sciences, tries to improve her teaching ability when she learns professional knowledge as a student teacher. In the teaching skills lecture in March, Xia needed to give a class on the features of cell ageing. Instead of merely listing, she categorized and explained the features with daily instances. After the class, she immediately revised her teaching plan according to the teaching assistant's suggestion. "Making the content of my class much clearer brings me a sense of happiness," Xia said. To be a biology teacher who can make learning interesting is her goal.


Xia Ye is in the laboratory.

Besides, Xia Ye is a shining young woman on the stage. When she was young, she started to imitate her idols from animation movies. And now, she is already one of the idols who is dazzling on the stage because of her endless effort. She needs to practice and perform to become an idol. Through the talks with her fans, she can learn more about different people and lives, making her life much more wonderful. "Our lifespan is not as long as we think. When the last second comes, I would love to do what I love at that time." As she says, she is always chasing the things she likes.


Xia Ye performs on the stage.

Hu Yuxin: patient statue apprentice / unrestrained lead singer

Hu Yuxin, of the School of Fine Arts, fell in love with sculpture, after a brief exposure in his professional class. Hu mentioned, "Spatial expression is important in sculpture. You may find it ambiguous at first, but gradually understand it more comprehensively when you are sculpting." He kept observing and polishing patiently when creating his first work. Every day, he stayed in the studio to practice and improve his skills.  After finishing his first sculpture, he felt a strong sense of achievement and happiness for the vivid and life-like work, which gave him the motivation to study further.


Hu Yuxin polishes his work.

Moreover, Hu is the lead singer in a band. He attends the weekly training and  performances with the other band members. He is always absorbed in music when singing. "In our band, I tend to be more relaxed, as if I was free from the mundanity of daily life. I enjoy myself so much." Most of their previous works are cover versions and now they are trying to create their own original music. Hu wants to study music further, attract more listeners and perform on a larger stage.


Hu Yuxin performs on the stage with his band.

Yun Feng: meticulous scientific researcher / attractive cosplayer

Yun Feng is a PhD student at the School of Economics & Management. When talking about his reason for chasing a PhD degree, he answered that the pursuit of recognition of self-worth is significant for him. Recalling his studies, he stayed in the office all day for academic research. Yun directly pointed out, "I am under lots of stress, but it makes me stronger." Yun's research tasks are heavy, but he transforms the pressure into his power and achieves a lot. He published several papers in journals and made academic presentations at some seminars. Yun Feng will keep going on in scholarship in the future.


Yun Feng communicates with others at an academic seminar.

On the other hand, cosplay is essential to Yun Feng's life. Yun's role is so close to the original character that many fans want to take a photo with him. Each impressive experience has made him stay committed to cosplay. The combination of his studies and cosplay brings abundant fun to Yun's life. "The different sides comprise a complete me," Yun mentioned that he would learn new skills and explore new identities in the future.


Yun Feng is absorbed in his role at cosplay.

Jian Wenqi: all-round law student / skillful Weibo painter

Jian Wenqi, of the School of Law, found her love for criminal jurisprudence in her undergraduate course. To meet her goal, she studied hard and finally got admission to make it her main research for her master's degree. Except for the study task, she has done a good job in other fields. She participated in lots of scientific research and projects. Also, she did lots of work for students, like a part-time class supervisor, a board member of the postgraduate association and so on. She proves that study and work need not conflict. They can be well balanced.


Jian Wenqi gives a speech as the winning representative.

Apart from Jian's studies and work, plunging into the world of painting is one of Jian's other sides, a good way to relax. Her superb painting skills have won her thousands of followers and made her certified as an "animation blogger" on Weibo, the Chinese version of X (formerly known as Twitter). In her spare time, she likes listening to cross-talk (a form of Chinese comedy performance) such as by De Yun She (Deyun Club), the most popular and well-known Chinese traditional cross-talk group in China. She also draws cartoon images and makes animation derivatives for them on Weibo. She believes that painting and her love for cross talk make her more sociable.


The cartoon images Jian Wenqi designed for two members of the Deyun group.

SCNUers constantly pursue different kinds of achievements. They are always studying steadily, trying new things bravely, creating actively, and then shine.

Source from SCNU News Center

Translated by Qin Fangxu, Zeng Wenting

Proofread by Edwin Baak

Edited by Wang Yingmin

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