Seven graduates of the School of Information and Optoelectronic Science and Engineering have been admitted into the top two universities in China, through the postgraduate recommendation program in 2021. Six have been admitted to Peking University, and one to Tsinghua University. Standing out from their peers, these seven students made their best efforts to pursue their goals. Read about their learning stories from which their key experience to success can be gleaned.


Liao xiaoyan will further her research into Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics.

Liao Xiaoyan's perseverance has been indispensable to her success. Having made her stern resolve to attain a postgraduate recommendation,she spared no effort to improve her knowledge. She would come to the laboratory in the early morning to wait for the professors, so as to figure out her questions by asking them actively. She also learnt courses beyond her major field of study in her spare time. Her friend Chai Jieyun, speaks highly of her," She is the most hard-working girl I have ever seen." When Liao was faced with difficulties, she could always adapt herself rapidly to deal with them instead of giving up easily. She believes that there is no need comparing one's weakness with others'strength.

"Just be yourself. You are the best and the hero of yourself," she said. Liao xiaoyan has been admitted to Shenzhen-branch of the Graduate School of Peking University, where she will further her research into Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics.


Li Chuangkai will further his research into Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics.

The commitment of "doing well in every detail" contributed to  Li Chuangkai's achievements. Intrigued by documentaries about natural sciences, Li has dreamed of becoming an engineer since childhood. With the goal of creating something of his own, he joined the research team of Professor Li Jiaming in the second semester of his senior year. He devoted most of his spare time to the project research. He would practice a basic experiment procedure over and over again. He even brought the experimental material back to his dormitory to do more training. 

One time he read a mountain of papers, discussed with his teacher for a long time and then spent two weeks doing research in the lab. Ultimately, he made progress by altering a detail. From his perspective, it's of vital importance to make every detail perfect, and only in this way can we make outstanding achievements. Li Chuangkai has received an offer from the Shenzhen-branch of the Graduate School of Peking University, where he will further his research into Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics.


Xu Zhiying will further his research into Nuclear Technology and Applications.

When asked about the most important quality that students should have to do research, Xu Zhifeng answered:"Be a silly boy." He beliefs that only when you keep thinking about "silly"things and review them in time you can develop new thoughts which help you progress. The "silly boy" theory also contributed to Xu's achievements to overcome negative moods when faced with a challenge. Due to the pandemic, Xu was forced to stay at home and his experiment was brought to a halt. He found himself in a difficult situation at that time. "I was thirsty for my postgraduate recommendation, but I had nothing to do and others were so competent."

However, having being aware that the environment cannot be changed, he reset his rhythm and devoted himself to doing a literature review, first. "Sometimes you just need to focus only on the current situation and be a 'silly boy'." Eventually, his "silly boy"theory worked and his remarkable progress made during that hard time has paid off. Xu Zhiying has been admitted to the School of Physics of Peking University, where he will further his research into Nuclear Technology and Applications.


Lin Zejia has been admitted to Peking University where he will further his research into Quantum Electronics.

"Lin Zejia has a strong sense of responsibility." says Ye Langye, Lin’s roommate. This sense of responsibility supports Lin Zejia all the way in his diverse and busy college life which is composed of many aspects --- study, scientific research, student work, playing in the basketball team and so on. Lin believes that time management and prioritizing contributes enormously to the quality of various tasks. When a number of events is out of balance, he often chooses to "serve others first" at the expense of his own leisure time.

He has also shown his strong sense of responsibility in the systematic management of the project research in Professor Deng Dongmei's team. Collaborating with his teammates, he was able to build a complete framework of the program which would largely benefit later students to participate and operate in the program. Kuang Jie, one of his teachers, believes that the top students at the School of Optoelectronics are all dedicated and goal-oriented. "But they are not egoists. Even though they are busy with their scientific research, they will still participate in all kinds of student work through which they help and serve their classmates. Eventually, they progress together." Lin Zejia has been admitted to Peking University, where he will further his research into Quantum Electron.


Wu You will further his research into Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics.

Wu's optimism played a key role in his learning experience. Like other freshmen, Wu couldn't adapt himself to the changed style of living and studying. Feeling half-hearted and hard to concentrate on his study, his GPA in his freshman year was not satisfactory. Nonetheless, he didn't deny himself and lose heart. Instead, he stayed optimistic to deal with his study and research, striving to find his interest. Further-more, he analyzed his strengths and weaknesses and craftedstudy strategies based on his personality. With his continuous efforts, not only did he achieve the highest GPA in his major, but he also completed the scientific research. Wu You has been accepted by the Shenzhen branch of the Graduate School of Peking University, where he will further his research into Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics.


Zhao Jiajia will further her research into Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics.

Hard work is Zhao Jiajia's motto. Zhao said it was a dream come true when she received the pre-admission notice from the Graduate School of Peking University."I can't believe that I do it!" she yelled. She recalls how she prepared for the interview. "To be honest, I was not confident enough, but I prepared as well as I could." She had only three hours' sleep a night during the two days before the interview. Feeling anxious, but also excited, she never complained. 

"Try as much as you can and grab every ladder you climb."Looking back on her four-year university life, Zhao concludes: "Opportunities are for those who are prepared. We should believe that the harder we work, the luckier we will be!" Zhao Jiajia has been admitted to the Shenzhen branch of the Graduate School of Peking University,where she will further her research into Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics.


Xu Junhuai has been accepted by Tsinghua University, where he will further his research into Nuclear Technology and Application.

Clear planning is Xu Junhuai's winning formula. As soon as he entered the university, Xu planned his academic career: to pursue postgraduate studies at a top-notch university in China or to go abroad to study further. By comparing his learning experience in high school and the university, he summed up his learning methods and eventually got a high GPA in the first year. It was precisely because he had a high GPA in his freshman year that he could have time and energy to try scientific research in his sophomore and junior years. 

When it comes to scientific research, Xu said he had also broken down and lost his mind at some time, but he still chose to stick to it and follow in the footsteps of his instructor, side by side with his teammates. He also mentioned that the habit of doing things in advance enables him to do well in his studies and also enjoy his life. Xu Junhuai has been accepted by Tsinghua University, where he will further his research into Nuclear Technology and Application.

Source from SCNU News Center

Written by Wang Ting, Xu Wei, Cen Jingxian, Zou Shan

Proofread by Edwin Baak

Edited by Li Jianru

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