On October 30, the "Best Chinese Subjects Ranking" in 2019 was released by Shanghai Ranking. In the national ranking of psychology, Psychology at SCNU is the second-best subject, in the top 2% nationwide. It's the third consecutive year that Psychology ranks second on this ranking list. Why is Psychology at SCNU so influential and powerful? Are you really familiar with this extraordinary subject? Begin with this article and learn more about Psychology at SCNU!

Brief information about Psychology at SCNU

Psychology at SCNU was founded in 1985. In 2000, the School of Psychology was permitted as a national first class discipline PhD programme. In 2017, Psychology at SCNU became an A+ discipline in the fourth round national disciplinary assessment, together with Psychology at Beijing Normal University and Peking University, gradually reaching the top level nationwide.

Outstanding teachers at the School of Psychology

An excellent disciplinary development can’t be achieved without outstanding lecturers and excellent students at the School of Psychology. There are 82 teaching and administrative staff at the School of Psychology, SCNU:

师资.pngStructure of teaching and administrative staff

Lecturers of the School of Psychology compose the outstanding team, including national noted scholars as the pioneers, famous scholars as hard core, and young but excellent scholars. In 2017, this team became the first team to win the title of "Huang Danian style teacher team" in China.

Among the excellent teachers, Mo Lei received the title of state-level teacher in 2007. Mo Lei and Wang Suiping are both distinguished professors and Pearl River Scholars. Besides, Wang Suiping, Chen Qi and Wang Ruiming have won the National Excellent PhD Dissertation Award.

As one of the pioneers of Psychology at SCNU, Professor Mo Lei was appointed as vice director-general of the Chinese Psychological Society. In November 2018, Professor Mo won the Life Achievement Award of the Chinese Psychological Society.

Profound achievement in scientific research

There are three specializations at the School of Psychology at SCNU, namely Psychology, Applied Psychology and Fundamental Psychology. Psychology aims at training professionals that can engage in psychological teaching, research and counseling, while Applied Psychology is for training professionals qualified for personnel assessment, human resource management or psychological research. Fundamental Psychology enrolls outstanding students with science specializations at SCNU, aiming at training talents to conduct fundamental research.

Each specialization considers scientific research as the foundation of its discipline. The scientific research of Psychology at SCNU mainly focuses on five areas:



Five main research areas of Psychology at SCNU

Research projects and achievement of Psychology at SCNU keep ahead nationwide. Over the past 5 years, the School of Psychology has published 57 academic works and 521 academic papers in CSSCI journals as the lead author. Among the published papers, 86 of them were published in Acta Psychologica Sinica, the journal which mainly publishes the latest and highest-level psychology papers from Chinese psychologists. Besides, it has published 509 papers in SCI and SSCI journals as the lead author, including papers published in PNAS, PLOSBiology, Journal of Neuroscience, Cerebral Cortex, and other world-leading academic journals. By 2016, the number of papers published in PNAS, a well-known authoritative scientific journal, had reached to 118.

 Open exchange and cooperation at international level

As one of China’s top disciplines, Psychology at SCNU has always given prominence to international cooperation. From 1985 to 2016, the School of Psychology has held 12 large international conferences and more than 100 academic reports successfully.


In 2016, the School of Psychology of SCNU signed a strategic cooperative frame agreement

with the School of Education of Pennsylvania State University.

Every year more than 20 well-known overseas experts and scholars deliver academic lectures. Over 10 experts from international renowned universities and institutions are employed as visiting professors of the School of Psychology of SCNU.


Professor Werner Sommer of the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

visited the School of Psychology of SCNU

In the aspect of laboratory construction, the School of Psychology of SCNU built an international laboratory , cooperating with Colorado State University.


President Liu Ming of South China Normal University

signed an agreement with Vice President James Cooney of Colorado State University

Excellent undergraduate and graduate students can study abroad for half a year or a year at foreign universities in America and Canada, or at domestic universities such as Beijing Normal University.

Students abroad also gather at the School of Psychology of SCNU to study and communicate with each other. Among the students at the School of Psychology, more than 10 of them are masters and doctors from Malaysia, Vietnam and Pakistan. This year 11 masters and doctors study at the School of Psychology of SCNU.

As an extraordinary discipline, Psychology at SCNU keeps developing its good qualities of teaching team construction, scientific research and international cooperation. Such qualities are embodied in other majors of SCNU as well, leading to good results on the “Best Chinese Subjects Ranking”. There are 29 subjects of SCNU on the list of “Best Chinese Subjects Ranking”, and 12 of them rank in the top 25%, according to Shanghai Ranking.

Written by Li Siqin

Proofread by Edwin Baak

Reviewed by Li Jianru

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