Putted into use in 1998, the library on the Shipai campus has 14 storage rooms and more than 2 million books. It has eight business departments, providing students and teachers with various services such as lending books, interlibrary borrowing, document transfering, online reservation and renewal.


The library on the Shipai campus.

The general service counter is on the first floor of the library. The first floor is mainly for the Knowledge Sharing Space, the Culture and Artistic Space, the New Books Space and the Digital Resources Space.


The general service counter.

Located on the left side of the building, the Cultural and Artistic Space covers an area of about 500 square meters and serves as the site for the exhibitions of featured literature, excellent traditional culture, modern and contemporary art works, historical materials of the university and cultural achievements of the campus.

微信图片_20191014101050.jpg The exhibition of the Chinese Guqin(Chinese seven-string zither) was held in the Cultural and Artistic Space.

Covering an area of about 570 square meters, the Knowledge Sharing Space includes several seminar rooms, research rooms, open learning areas and leisure seats, where teachers and students can conduct independent research, group discussion, academic exchange, independent study and other activities. The closed rooms for individual study and the seminar rooms should be booked in advance, while the open areas can be used freely by teaching staff and students.


Open learning areas


Open learning areas


Seminar room


Seminar room


Individual study room

The area of New Books Space is about 600 square meters, covering all major categories of new books with more than 30,000 volumes according to incomplete statistics. 微信图片_20191014100531.jpg

New Books Space


New Books Space

In the Digital Resources Space, there are 95 computers for students and teachers to consult digital resources and study on line. There are 30 computers in the training room, where the professionals can hold regular trainings on the use of database resources and scientific research software.


Digital Resources Space

The second to fifth floors are reading rooms for all kinds of books, including a Reading Room for Chinese Literature and History, a Reading Room for Foreign Books, a Searching Room for Reference Books, etc. It is worth mentioning that the Wenbo Museum on the fifth floor houses items donated by alumni.


The pottery on display in the Wenbo Museum

On the six-floor, the Zhishan Hall, with a total space of about 270 square meters, aims to create a social space for teachers and students to discuss, study and relax. It also provides necessary space for various forms of discussion, teaching and academic activities, such as salons, lectures and general education.


Zhishan Hall


Zhishan Hall

The Shipai library has gradually realized a system of intelligent management. Faculty and students can swipe their campus cards or enter the library using face identification. Books can be self-borrowed and returned through multiple machines set up in the building. In addition, students may conveniently to use library resources through the official Wechat account of the SCNU library. The account has a full range of functions. Readers can use it to search book numbers, reserve books from other campuses and reserve the use of seminar rooms.


Teachers and students can enter the library through face identification.

Source: Wanan Huashi

Written by Jiang Xiaohua

Proofread by Edwin Baak

Reviewed by Li Jianru

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