Recently, a newly list of the academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences was published. Bernard L. Feringa, Nobel laureate, and a distinguished professor of the South China Academy of Advanced Optoelectronics of SCNU, has been elected as one of the foreign academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Bernard L. Feringa, a Dutch chemist, has specialized in organic synthetic chemistry, such as molecular nanoscience, synthesis and catalysis, bioresponsive materials, etc. In 1978, Bernard L. Feringa got his PhD from the University of Groningen and became a professor of chemistry in 1988. He was named the Jacobus H. van 't Hoff Distinguished Professor of Molecular Sciences in 2004, and was elected Foreign Honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In 2016, Bernard L. Feringa, with J. F. Stoddart and J.-P. Sauvage, jointly won the “Nobel Chemistry Prize” for their research into “the smallest machine in the world: the design and synthesis of molecular machines.”


Bernard L. Feringa pays a visit to the laboratory in SCNU

Exploring the fascinating world of molecules

"Molecular machines may change human beings in the near future," is Feringa’s prospect. For many years, Bernard L. Feringa has thrown himself into the research of molecular machines and made great contribution to the field of molecular research. Inspired by nature's principles of molecular assembly, recognition, transport, motion and catalysis, the goal of the Feringa research group is to exploit the full potential of synthetic chemistry to create new structures and functions.

Feringa is also regarded as the first person to develop the molecular motor, as he constructed a molecular motor by making a molecular rotor blade continuously spin in the same direction in early 1999. Feringa received the Nobel Prize "for the design and synthesis of molecular machines." His contribution opens up a future in which molecular machines may be used for new materials, sensors, and energy storage systems.

Forming a profound relationship with SCNU

On October 26, 2017, Bernard L. Feringa was hired as a distinguished professor at the invitation of Zhou Guofu, the dean of the South China Academy of Advanced Optoelectronics of SCNU. In May, 2018, the South China Normal University—University of Groningen International Joint Laboratory of Molecular Science and Displays was officially established by top scientists at home and abroad, and officially represented by Bernard L. Feringa.


The Inauguration ceremony of MSD

The International Joint Laboratory of Molecular Science and Displays (MSD) is the first international joint laboratory at SCNU with a Nobel Prize winning scientists as its foreign director. The laboratory aims to bring top scientists at SCNU together with Nobel Prize winners and the most prominent scientists leveled as Nobel committee, to make breakthroughs in four international advanced and research fields: soft materials robots, multi-functional energy storage materials, intelligent coating and display technique to meet the urgent needs of Guangdong and national strategy. By boosting fundamental research, developing original innovation and expediting the transformation of Science-Technology, MSD will lead the development of Guangdong even the whole nation research in related field.

"The MSD plays a role as window, through which we can see a bright future brought by new materials," Bernard L. Feringa says.

"We have a lot of opportunities to cooperate, either in the forms of setting up projects or building laboratories. I see infinite potentials here. With the strong support of SCNU, I promise to spare no efforts in developingnew materials," Bernard L. Feringa says expressing his appreciation to SCNU.


Bernard L. Feringa gives a lecture at the 12th Xiang Qin forum

On October 26, 2019, Bernard L. Feringa was invited to give a lecture at the 12th Xiang Qin forum. In his report, professor Feringa quoted a famous saying of Richard Feynman,“There’s plenty of room at the bottom” to emphasize the importance of nanotechnology. He also shared the current progress that his group has made in molecular switches and molecular motors with students. Not only that, Feringa enthusiastically talked about his own experience, encouraging students to keep forging ahead and concentrate on study: “Follow your dreams and never give up!”

Source from the Wechat official of SCNU

Written: Chen Huiqing

Proofread: Edwin Baak 

Reviewed: Li Jianru


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