On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the university, the 90th South China Normal University Development Conference was grandly held at the Shipai Campus on November 5. 


Over 1,100 people including leaders, guests and alumni representatives from government departments, institutional and non-profit organizations, enterprises, primary and secondary schools as well as universities at home and abroad attended the great event.


Wang Binwei, secretary of the CPC Committee of SCNU, hosted the conference. 



"During the past 90 years, education has developed to save, reinvigorate and strengthen the country. SCNU has stayed true to its founding mission of developing education to serve the country. With every step in its development, SCNU has shared weal and woe with the country. " Wang Enke, president of SCNU, gave the opening speech.


Wang Enke, gives a speech and extends his welcome and gratitude to all the guests.

President Wang mentioned that in 1996 SCNU became a member of "Project 211", a national project aiming to establish 100 well-acknowledged key universities in China. SCNU has been a "cradle of teachers in South China," leading as a pioneer and practitioner of innovative development of teacher education in South China. 

Forging ahead on the new journey, Wang said that SCNU will unswervingly adhere to and strengthen the overall leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC). It will carry forward the educationalist's spirit, implement the development of "New Teacher Education" and further promote digital empowerment of teacher education. In addition, SCNU will implement the discipline plan of "building peaks, exploring new plateaus, and establishing new heights", give mire prominence to the cross-integration of disciplines and strengthen organized scientific research. Hence, it will contribute to the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (the Greater Bay Area) and the realization of self-reliance and self-improvement with high-level science and technology.

SCNU will strive to build a world-class comprehensive and innovative normal university featuring teacher education, to contribute its efforts to the building of a modern socialist country and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in an all-round way, added Wang.


Zhong Nanshan, praises SCNU's achievements and wishes SCNU a brighter future.

Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, also an alumnus of the Affiliated High School of SCNU, was invited to deliver a speech. He spoke highly of SCNU saying that it is the only member of the "Double First-Class Initiative" in formal universities of the Greater Bay Area and that it has cultivated more than 900,000 excellent teachers and talents in various fields for the country.

In cultivating talents, Zhong attached great importance to three elements concerning innovation, which comprise a sense of commitment, interest and humanistic spirit. He suggested that the university should cultivate students' innovative spirit since undergraduates and students should own a sense of commitment and form their interests based on their missions. Teamwork is important to the cultivation of a humanistic spirit, he said.

Presidents of Sun Yat-sen University, East China Normal University and the University of Aberdeen gave speeches respectively.


Gao Song, shares the historical bond between SCNU and Sun Yat-sen University.

Gao Song, president of Sun Yat-sen University, mentioned that Sun Yat-sen University has forged a profound bond with the neighboring SCNU and has shared a good partnership with it. In the future, these two universities will deepen cooperation and speed up to transform themselves into "world-class" universities with Chinese characteristics. Hence, they will make joint efforts to serve the national strategies and the development of the Greater Bay Area and build China into a leading country in education.


Qian Xuhong, indicates the mission of teacher education for both SCNU and East China Normal University.

Qian Xuhong, president of East China Normal University, said that East China Normal University has endured a multilevel, high-level and comprehensive cooperation with SCNU. President Qian considered that East China Normal University and SCNU could start a new chapter of Chinese teacher education together under the guidance of the mission to build China into a leading country in education and the development strategies including "education, technology and talent".

Peter Edwards .jpg

Peter Edwards, introduces the history of cooperation between two universities.

Peter Edwards, vice principal regional engagement of the University of Aberdeen, indicated that the University of Aberdeen entered into a partnership with SCNU in 2007. Then, in September 2017, the Aberdeen Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence was co-constructed by the University of Aberdeen and SCNU, promoting the partnership between the two universities. Professor Edwards hoped that the two universities would maintain the partnership which is based on the principal of being amicable and mutually beneficial.

Chen Hong, president of the Chinese Educators Association of Macau, and Wang Hanqiang, chairman of the Guangzhou Qingping Group, gave speeches as the alumni representatives. In their speeches, they revealed SCNU has advanced the high-quality development of Macau's education and pushed Wang to pursue his dream to set up his own business.


Chen Hong, mentions SCNU's achievements in cultivating talents of basic education for Macau.


Wang Hanqiang, shares how SCNU influenced him to be an entrepreneur.

Chen Jinlong, professor of the School of Marxism and Zhou Xintao, undergraduate of cohort 2020 of the School of Chemistry also gave speeches as representatives of faculty and students.


Chen Jinlong, proposes SCNU could develop more interdisciplines to show SCNU's comprehensiveness.


Zhou Xintao, reveals SCNU has lighted his academic road like a beacon.

Wang Binwei, secretary of the CPC Committee of SCNU, said SCNU will follow Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and the Party's education policy, and strive to cultivate outstanding teachers and first-class talents in various fields. 


Wang Binwei, reveals the prospect of SCNU forging ahead on a new journey.

In the future, the university will progress to establish a comprehensive world-class university featuring teacher education and innovation, thus making new contributions to the development of the Greater Bay Area, the construction of a powerful modern socialist country and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Over 130 thousand alumni at home and abroad, faculty and students and friends from all sectors of society who have been concerned about SCNU watched the event live on line.

Click the video to watch the congratulations and blessings to 90-year-old SCNU ▲

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary celebration day, 262 congratulatory letters and a specially recorded video for SCNU's 90th anniversary were issued and the video was displayed on the scene of the conference. In the letters and videos, the Party Committee and the government at all levels, other universities, friendly organizations and SCNU's alumni at home and abroad expressed their sincere congratulations and blessings for SCNU's 90th anniversary and praised its achievements over the 90 years.

Source from SCNU News Center

Translated by Li Jun

Proofread by Edwin Baak

Edited by Li Jianru

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