On the occasion of its 90th anniversary, SCNU has incorporated the 90th-anniversary emblem into artistic designs to develop unique cultural and creative products. These exquisite products, ranging from clothes and accessories to daily use and digital products, were released to convey a sincere blessing to SCNU's 90th anniversary and invite all the students, faculty and alumni to celebrate this big day.

Now, let's take a look at the 90th-anniversary-themed cultural and creative products!

The Grand 90th-Anniversary Gift Box

The Grand 90th-Anniversary Gift Box is set in the tone of blue color. On the front cover of the box, two Chinese characters "华 Hua" and "师 Shi", the Chinese abbreviation of South China Normal University, are printed. Along with the iconic campus gate at the front bottom, the elements symbolize the university. At the center is a red buckle designed with the 90th-anniversary emblem. The theme of the 90th anniversary, "On the occasion of the 90th anniversary, SCNU forges ahead on a new journey", is highlighted on the gift bag, which embodies SCNU's responsibility as a member of the "Double First-Class Initiative".

Inside the gift box, themed cultural and creative products are included, which comprising the 90th-anniversary commemorative Yang Cheng Tong Transportation Card, notebooks, a silk scarf, a folding fan, a USB flash disk, a 90th-anniversary emblem-shaped badge and so on.

1026文创礼盒展示动图(摄影:麦雪莹) (1).gif

The exquisite 90th-anniversary-themed gift box.

1026文创礼盒展示动图(摄影:麦雪莹) (2).gif

The grand gift box includes various cultural and creative products.

1028文创礼盒外景展示(摄影:杜圳) (5).jpg

Photo of the delicate gift box and gift bag.

Clothing & Accessories

01 T-shirt & Polo Shirt


T-shirt .jpg

The fashion T-shirts and Polo shirts feature the 90th-anniversary emblem.

02 Silk Scarf


The silk scarf includes two types: short and long, both printed with the 90th-anniversary emblem.


Outfit ideas with the scarf: Decorated around the neck, wrist and hair as accessories.

03 Baseball Cap & Bucket Hat


Baseball caps and bucket hats which depict the wonderful mixture of blue, red and white colors.

04 Canvas Bag


Handy and stylish canvas bag with the 90th-anniversary emblem motif.

Daily use

01 Yang Cheng Tong Transportation Card

The Yang Cheng Tong, or "Ram City Pass" in literal translation, is a form of electronic ticketing system under the intelligent transportation system used on public transport services such as buses, taxis, metro and ferries within Guangzhou. It can also be used to make payments in convenience stores including popular chains such as Circle K and 7-Eleven. 

10.25 羊城通白底图 (摄影:黄羽凡)2.jpg

The 90th-anniversary commemorative Yang Cheng Tong displays the distinctive mixture of the 90th-anniversary emblem and the campus gate.


Swipe the card and enjoy the public transportation services in Guangzhou. 

02 Folding Fan

10.25 扇子白底图 (摄影:黄羽凡)1.jpg

Both SCNU's Chinese and English abbreviations are shown on the blue front of the fan.

10.25 扇子白底图 (摄影:黄羽凡)2_调整大小.jpg

On the reversed side four Chinese characters "师来运转" are written, which means luck has turned in someone's favor and it uses the homophone "师 teacher" to replace "时 time" and refers to SCNU.

03 Umbrella


The creative design of the colorful umbrella.

04 Badge


Badges shaped in the 90th-anniversary emblem and round badges with the 90th-anniversary emblem motif.

05 Key Chain Pendant & Mascot Pendant


The key chain pendants are molded into the 90th-anniversary emblem and the ancient Chinese clock, symbolizing the SCNU's dedication to teacher education.

吉祥物打卡1 摄影:黄颖楠_调整大小.jpg

The mascot pendant imitates the 90th-anniversary emblem vividly. 

06 Mug & Insulated Water Bottle


The mugs and insulated water bottles.

07 Luggage Tag & ID Badge Holder (Hard Plastic) & USB Flash Disk & Cell Phone Case & Mouse Pad


These fancy products are all designed as 90th-anniversary theme.

08 Fridge Magnet & Tape

1026冰箱贴外景合照(摄影:许子逸)  (1).jpg

The four fridge magnets signify four iconic buildings of each SCNU campus respectively.

10.25 胶带白底图 (摄影:黄羽凡)_调整大小.jpg

Both types of tapes feature a blue background and the 90th-anniversary emblem.


Ice Pops


Ice pops in the shape of the 90th-anniversary emblem, the campus gate and the university emblem.


The ice pops include three flavors: matcha & milk flavor, strawberry & milk flavor and blueberry & milk flavor (from left to right).


01 Notebook


The white and blue notebooks show simplicity and uniqueness.

02 Bookmark

1026书签外景展示(摄影:许子逸)  (5).jpg

The dainty bookmarks are printed with the 90th-anniversary emblem and SCNU's mottos.

03 Pencil Bag & Pencil


The blue commemorative pencils and pencil bags.

04 Wooden Block Perpetual Calendar


The using method of the calendar.


The blue calendar has an exquisite cardboard symbolizing SCNU's Library at the University Town Campus and the red one is the No.1 Teaching Building at the Shipai campus.

Home Décor

01 U-shaped Pillow


Put on the U-shaped pillow and drive your exhaustion away.

02 Throw Pillow & Quilt


The throw pillow features the 90th-anniversary emblem and can be unfolded to become a quilt.

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Source from SCNU News Center

Written by Li Jun, Wang Bingbing, Wang Sican, Luo Xiaoying

Proofread by Edwin Baak

Edited by Wang Yingmin

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