The opening ceremony of SCNU’s annual sports meeting kicked off on Friday on the sports grounds at the westside of the Shipai campus. With the theme of “A century in bloom: youth in the brightness of life”, the two-day event involved 1,435 athletes from 30 schools in 21 sports events.

The sports meeting was divided into two parts, the one for faculty and the other for students. The sports meeting for students included various track and field events such as sprinting, long-distance run, high jump, long jump, shot put as well as team competitions which enabled the participants to improve teamwork while exercising body and mind. As a tradition, campus jogging and abundant games were designed for teachers. The games were broadcast by live-streaming to nearly 2 million viewers via the social media platform.

The opening ceremony

Huang Zhaotuan, director of school sports committee addressed all the participants at the opening ceremony. He expressed his sincere greetings to all athletes, referees and staff. He also summed up the fruitful achievements of the development of campus sports in SCNU in recent years, encouraging all teachers and students to create a new campus sports fashion of hard work and unity, and pass on the sports spirit of being higher, faster and stronger.


Huang Zhaotuan delivers a speech at the opening ceremony.


SCNU President Wang Enke announces the opening of the sports games.

There were also many wonderful performances at the opening ceremony. With the sound of the Internationale, teams from each school of SCNU stepped on the drumbeats of music.


Students are changing formations with the music.

What followed was the group gymnastic dance Endeavour • Leap. Through the transformation of three songs and the dance of the students, the group gymnastics acted out the historical journey during which Chinese people struggled unremittingly, fought heroically and finally gained victory.


The group gymnastic dance “Endeavour • Leap"


The performer uses movements to show SCNUers' determination to move forward bravely despite difficulties.

Then came the Ba Duan Jin (eight steps to healthy living), a form of qigong, which originated from traditional Chinese medicine for keeping healthy. The movement was graceful and stretch, soft and slow, which showed the combination of elasticity and tightness and the one of dynamic and static.


A teacher is demonstrating Ba Duan Jin.

The campus jogging and fun game for SCNU faculty


With the flag fluttering, each team of teachers sets off the school trip.

"I run particularly happy and sweat a lot. It makes me feel very comfortable!” said Zhang Yong, from Human Resources Department. He is the flag bearer in campus jogging. Zhang said, “This year, the whole arrangement is more abundant and the game atmosphere is lively. Even drones for live-streaming have been prepared for the games, which gave me a big surprise," He said. "The biggest significance is to remind all teachers to pay attention to health and strengthen physical exercise." 


Zhang Yong, from Personnel Department, thinks jogging around the campus provides teachers with exercise opportunities. 

After the jogging there were six collective competitions. With active atmosphere, the court was filled with laughter. 

1126 趣味8(摄影:尹惠冰).jpg

Pillow fight

1126 校运会_趣味运动会(1)(摄影:伍思淇).jpg

Dart game

1126 校运会_趣味运动会(2)(摄影:伍思淇).jpg

Rolling and moving

It was the second time Nadeem Akhtar, a Pakistani teacher from the School of Urban Culture on the Nanhai campus, took part in the fun games and won. He thought this year’s games were more enthusiastic than last year. Moreover, he said: “This kind of activity enables to bring all teachers from China and international teachers together, creating more fun and making the campus more multicultural."


Nadeem at the pillow fight

Laurens de Haan from the Netherlands, a professor at the Academy of Advanced Opto-electronics, has been participating in the fun games for 5 years. “There are more interesting games this year” he noted. Laurens de Haan liked the pillow fight, the new game which uses many colorful pillows. Talking about his experience in the sports meeting, he said: “It’s always fun. And the good weather makes me feel happier.”


Laurens de Haan enjoys the pillow fight.

Highlights and awards for students

There were 17 individual and 4 team sports events during the two-day sports meeting. The individual sports events consisted of 10 track events such as 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 800 m, 1,500 m, 3,000 m, 5,000 m, 100-meter hurdles, 110-meter hurdles, 400-meter hurdles, and 7 field events such as high jump, long jump, triple jump, javelin, discus, shot-put and hammer throw. Team events included the 4x100 m relay, 4x400 m relay, 50 m face-to-face relay and the 10-person long jump relay.

In this year’s Sports Meeting, Huang Yingjie, a student from the School of Mathematical Science, had got championship in the 5000-meter race which was his third-time try. He didn’t run the full course in the first year, and got third place the next year and finally won the championship in the third year. Before finding the best training style for him, he took a lot of detours, and through constant exploration. But he finally found the most suitable training mode for himself and made a quantum leap.


Huang Yingjie claims the championship in the 5000-meter race.

Chen Tianyu, a student from the School of Politics and Public Administration,  decided to be a volunteer for new media work. She was mainly responsible for photographing the opening ceremony and sports events. In the process of doing voluntary work, she could feel the energy of the athletes. “The school sports meeting is an activity which shows everyone’s physical quality and mental outlook.” She said, “if there is a chance next year, I would like to try to the high jump.”


Chen Tianyu is conducting volunteer work.

Let’s have a look at some wonderful shots of the competitions.

Here are the results and recipients of the awards:

图片7.pngTotal score ranking of schools and colleges

图片8.pngFirst-place recipients for each field competition

图片9.pngFirst-place recipients for each track competition

Written by Shen Jiatong, Xu Yirui, Yang Yi

Edited by Li Jianru

Proofread by Edwin Baak

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