Up above there is the bright sky, down below with a sea of waving flags. On November 22, the opening ceremony of our school’s annual sports meeting successfully took place on the sports grounds, on the west side of the Shipai campus.

全景(摄影:苏凯彤.jpgSports meeting opening ceremony successfully takes place

Lasting for two days, the sports meeting was dedicated to the theme: “Fight hard to show vigorous spirit, Forge ahead in the new era” and launched a total of 19 sports events. Athletes from 29 faculties and institutes took part, including 464 male and 590 female participants. 145 referees and other staff also joined in the meeting to provide sufficient services and ensure its smooth operation.

校运会全景1(摄影:焦阳).jpg29 faculties and institutes takes part. 

At the opening ceremony, Huang Zhaotuan, deputy secretary of the party committee, extended his sincere greetings to all the athletes, judges and staff. In his speech, he underscored the importance that we must fully implement the requirements of the party and the state, while regarding sports as an important vehicle of moral education, and further step up the development of sports programs. Huang also appreciated the fruits we have harvested in recent years in sports and encouraged all teachers and students to move forward towards the goal of building an innovative and high-level university, excel in education under the guidance of the spirit of "higher, faster and stronger".


Huang Zhaotuan, deputy secretary of the party committee, makes a speech at the ceremony

Representatives from athletes and judges also solemnly sweared that they would compete vigorously, perform well in the compsetition and take on responsibility for results to ensure fairness.


         Athletes representative vows to compete vigorously        

开幕式裁判员代表宣誓(摄影:董玉慧).jpg   Referee representative vows to ensure fair results          

Bearing everyone’s strong expectation, the school sports meeting kicked off.


The square team marches forward in front of the podium


The martial arts performance "Vigorous hey days", which combines cudgel play, marksmanship, Taiji sword practice, mantis boxing, arm boxing, and a collective knife show, received a lot of applause. At the competition of traditional martial arts, athletes were wearing colorful costumes with Chinese characteristics showing the diversity of the martial arts culture. The performance team consisted of 21 members, including those from the Guangdong martial arts team, trained athletes from SCNU, postgraduates and undergraduates who major in physical education.

武术(摄影:苏凯彤 (2).jpg

The great martial arts performance 

武术(摄影:苏凯彤 (1).jpg

Intricate and artful Taiji sword practice

The aerobics performance, ignited the dream of sports and arts, showing the positive spiritual outlook of the students at SCNU. Sports aerobics and aerobics were the main content of the performance. Dancing to the lively music with vibrant rhythm, split, kick, jump and flip, the artistic sportsmen gave the performance professionally and beautifully, which won the cheers and applause from the audience all around.

健美操(摄影记者:苗苗).jpgDynamic aerobics performance

健美操(摄影:苏凯彤.jpgDynamic aerobics performance

As in the lyrics of “I love my motherland and I can’t split with it any moment”, the art troupe of staff in SCNU gave marvelous dance and a song called Me and My Motherland, enfusing their excellent performance with patriotism.

开幕式合唱全景(摄影:董玉慧).jpgThe art troupe of staff together sing songs

The exercise was led by a row of guides and done jointly by thousands of staff, teachers and students in the sports grounds in orderly fashion, filling the stadium with an energetic atmosphere and passing down the spirit of “health makes us happier”.

千人操(摄影记者:郭宁).jpgThousands of staff, teachers and students do exercise together

 International Students

More than twenty students from eight different countries attended the opening ceremony of sports meeting at SCNU on November 22. After several days of rehearsals, they made a brilliant performance with their teachers representing the College of International Culture.

baee6cd1e9a9f39ac62e3e9be1676fd.jpgGroup photo of the School of International Exchange

Dewi Melina , took part in the ceremony together with her classmates. “I’m very proud of being a student of SCNU. Not until we watched the martial arts and dance during the opening ceremony did I know about other colleges of SCNU” said an Indonesian student. Another student, Rosalie Elvira, also expressed her heartfelt thrills of the momentum of the spectacle when the flag bearers ran across the court together. A student from Tajikistan said that tired as he was, he enjoyed the interesting process of being a participant in the opening ceremony.

微信图片_20191211205923.jpgDewi Melina(the second from left to right)with her classmates

微信图片_20191211210128.jpgRosalie Elvira expresses her heartfelt thrills

微信图片_20191211205933.jpgStudent from Tajikistan(the third from left to right) and his friend also enjoy the sports meeting

微信图片_20191211205944.jpgGroup photo of international students who participate in this event 

Sports Meeting and Faculty Fun Games

There were 17 individual events and 2 team events during the 2-days sports meeting. The individual events consisted of 10 track events such as 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 5000m, 110-meter hurdles, 400m, 4x100m relay, 4x400m relay, and 7 field events such as high jump, long jump, triple jump, javelin, discus, shot-put and hammer throw. Team events included the 50m face-to-face relay and the 10 people standing long jump relay. The hurdle project only opened the sports academy group.

男子甲组100米预赛1(摄影:朱榕).JPG..jpgMan 100m race

女子实心球决赛5(摄影记者:李翔).jpgMedicine ball throw finals

女子乙组110米栏决赛(摄影:朱榕).JPG..jpgWomen 110m hurdles race 

After the opening ceremony, the school running activities and the fun games for teachers and staff began. From the content to the form, the fun games had an all-round upgrade, using various inflatable facilities, in order to encourage teachers and staff to participate actively and strengthen their physique and team spirit.

微信图片_20191211212234.jpgFun games that faculty memers all enjoy

微信图片_20191211212239.jpgFun games that faculty memers all enjoy

微信图片_20191211212245.jpgFun games that faculty memers all enjoy

“The inflatable facilities bring us a lot of fun. I can feel a strong sense of belonging to a team when we are in the game. Tacit as we are, so we win, which makes me feel very happy” says Fang Qingming, the vice president of the College of International Culture, whose team just won in the game. 

微信图片_20191211212251.jpgFang Qingming, the vice president of the School of International Culture shares his feeling

“Exercise make me feel more confident and calmer” says Zhang Jinrui, a student from the School of Chinese Language & Literature, who won the women's long jump in group A. She also expressed her great fondness for sports, and encouraged everyone to keep exercising, form the habit of sports and find fun there.

Source from SCNU wechat official account

Written and translated by Yang yi, Qiu Lezi, Ma Kaiyu

Proofread by Edwin Baak

Reviewed by Li Jianru

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