The 11th Food Culture Festival and the 6th International Cultural Festival were held at Shipai campus of SCNU on 3 November, marking an important event in the celebration of SCNU’s 90th anniversary.

With the theme of "Exchange in cultures and share cuisine", the festival consisted of three main parts, including the opening ceremony with performances, the international culture expo and food carnival, and a themed photo exhibition. The event was jointly hosted by the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, the Office of Logistics Management, and the School of International Culture, engaging the entire SCNU community.

Ji Ruila, an overseas student at the School of International Culture, and Xu Yi from the School of Marxism hosted the opening ceremony. During the opening ceremony, a parade team, made up of 90 students from 40 countries who dressed in their national costumes, made their entrances by country, waving the national flags of their countries.


 Ji Ruila (on the left) and Xu Yi (on the right).

Tan Weihong, the director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, and Zhang Dongting, the deputy director of the Office of Logistics Management, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony.

Tan noted that the event aims to showcase global cultures and promote cultural exchange to students and faculty, and demonstrate the achievements in international talent training over the past 90 years, as a part of SCNU’s 90th-anniversary celebration. Zhang said that the festival not only presents the excellent 90-year campus culture, but also showcases the progress of the logistics diet management’s work in the past.

On behalf of the international students, Lei Yajing, a student from Latvia, expressed her deep affection for Chinese culture, the international students' love for SCNU, and their excitement of participating in the festival.

The administrators set off party poppers, thereby declaring the start of the event. The catering service center also presented a specially made nine-tier cake and a roasted suckling pig to wish SCNU a happy 90th birthday.


With the lion dance by the SCNU’s Dragon and Lion Team coming up first, the ceremony climaxed with spectacular performances. Other performances, including Beijing opera, food carving, fancy noodle pulling, Vietnamese bamboo dance, singing performance by the guitar association, martial arts performance, sugar-figure blowing, and face-changing, were also staged, with a Chinese dance by graduate students from the School of International Culture putting a perfect end to the show.

1103舞狮(摄影:陆芊骅) (7).jpg

 The lion dance makes a wonderful entrance.

1103京剧(摄影:陆芊骅) (4).jpg

 The show of Beijing opera.

1103_国际文化节美食区展示(摄影:苏比) (32).jpg

 Vivid food carving art.


 Fancy noodle-pulling performance.


 Vietnamese bamboo dance, with dancers dressed in traditional attire.

1103_国际文化节_唱歌1(摄影 朱俊羽).JPG

The guitar club offers an audio feast.

1103_国际文化节_武术17(摄影 朱俊羽).JPG

 Clean movements of SCNU martial arts team members.


 A little girl is invited to experience the sugar-figure blowing art.


 Face-changing art.

1103_国际文化节_中国舞3(摄影 朱俊羽).JPG

 The Chinese dance ends with a graceful pose.

In an earlier interview, Ji Ruila, one of the hosts, said he had looked forward to the performance by the Vietnamese students. Dressed in traditional attire, they showcased their dance skills. Amidst the rhythmic clack of bamboo poles, the dancers moved and leapt with agility. One of the performers Nguyen Xuan Huy shared that bamboo plays a significant role in Vietnamese culture, and people often dance to celebrate. He expressed his best wishes for SCNU’s 90th anniversary, hoping the university continues to thrive and attract more international students for mutual learning.

1103美食节_越南竹竿舞表演成员_国际文化学院本科一年级学生Nguyen Xuan Huy(摄影:张家宁).jpg

 Performer Nguyen Xuan Huy holding bamboo poles for the Vietnamese dance.

Along with powerful music, the SCNU martial arts team made its entrance admist yells and shouts. With fluttering flags, bold and clear moves, and the vivid and agile Tiger-Crane Fist, their natural and smooth performance won the hearts of the audience. Team member Jin Kezhen said that this performance was to promote martial arts to international friends. Since the sport is an inclusive art, the team plans to take in more international members, he said.


 A group photo of SCNU martial arts team.

Source from SCNU News Center

Translated by Chen Bao, Liang Lihua, Luo Xiaoying

Proofread by Edwin Baak

Edited by Wang Yingmin

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