From December 21 to December 22, 2022, as an important event of the 2022 International Chinese Language Education Conference and Expo, 2022 "Chinese Language Teaching Idols" International Chinese Language Teaching Skills Best Practices was held online, which was sponsored by the Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL) Education Supervisory Committee and the Center for Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC), and organized by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, and the Chinese Plus/Continental Han Feng Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

The theme of this year's "Chinese Language Teaching Idols" is "Innovating Chinese Language Teaching with New Standards", and since its launch in July, the event has been held in North China, Northeast China, East China, Southwest China, Northwest China, and South-Central China. The six regional exchange activities were respectively organized by Beijing Foreign Studies University, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, East China Normal University, South China Normal University, Northwest Normal University and Yunnan Normal University, attracting 219 teams of Chinese and foreign teachers and students from 170 colleges and universities in 30 provinces and autonomous regions. A total of 22 teams of teachers and 22 teams of students were recommended by the evaluation experts of each area to participate in the national exchange activities. At the same time, six overseas teams from Thailand, UAE, Kenya, UK, and Bulgaria made teaching demonstrations.


The national exchange event is a two-day event, including the opening ceremony, group discussion, roundtable forum and other links. At the opening ceremony, Zhong Yinghua, Deputy Director of the Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL) Education Supervisory Committee, President of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching (ISCLT) and President of Tianjin Normal University, said in his speech that the cultivation of professionals is the core task of international Chinese language education, and the "real idols" who really make the discipline and career pass on and flourish are the group of Chinese language teachers who know the language, understand the country, are good at communication and proficient in the field. To let more young people improve their skills and professionals through the experience of "practice, knowledge and practice again" is the original intention and mission of the "Chinese Language Teaching Idols" exchange event. In the future, the international Chinese language education will pay more attention to the hierarchical, cross-cultural and practical cultivation of professionals, so as to continuously cultivate excellent professionals who can stand the test of practice and bear the responsibility for the cause.


Song Yongbo, Deputy Director-General of CLEC, introduced several major features of this event. First, it involves wider coverage and more participants; second, it highlights the application of standards and implements scientific norms; third, it presents diversified teaching levels and stresses the characteristics of "Chinese + "; fourth, it has active exchange atmosphere and achieves fruitful exchange results. He said that the high-quality development of international Chinese language education cannot be achieved without the support of a high-level teaching team. CLEC will vigorously strengthen the training of international Chinese language education professionals, carry out the selection of expatriate teacher professionals, improve the quality of full-time backbone teachers, and expand the channels for the building of local teaching teams. As an important initiative and brand for building a high-quality and innovative teaching force, the "Chinese Language Teaching Idols" event will be institutionalized and continued for a long time. The CLEC will actively build a platform for teacher development and make continuous efforts to build a new pattern of high-quality development of international Chinese language education.


Wang Fang, Director, Secretary of the Party Committee, and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, said that the "Chinese Language Teaching Idols" exchange activity has built a platform for many dynamic, energetic and motivated teachers and Chinese and foreign students to showcase themselves and learn from each other, which is of great significance to the training of Chinese language teachers with excellent professional quality and excellent teaching ability. In the field of international Chinese language education, the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press has been striving to build an exchange and cooperation platform for cultural integration and mutual learning of civilizations, with the development of high-quality, internationalization, digitalization, and diversification as its development characteristics, hoping to answer the call of the time, promote communication and cooperation and coordinated development, and making all efforts to the contribution of the ecosystem construction of international Chinese language education resources.


Prof. Zhao Yang from Peking University, Yao Yueyan from Yunnan Normal University and Russian student Si Jia (Chinese name) from Beijing International Studies University, respectively spoke as representatives of experts, teachers, and students. They said that the "Chinese Language Teaching Idols" event provided a platform for teachers and students to communicate and learn, and built a ladder for career development and academic progress. They looked forward to applying the new methods, experiences and ideas gained from the event to help more Chinese language fans learn Chinese and know China well.

In the group discussion session, teams of teachers and teams of students exchanged and demonstrated on different topics such as language classes, culture classes, general Chinese, and special-purpose Chinese, and a total of 21,000 people watched online. More than 10 experts from China and abroad participated in the event, including Professors Liu Qiangong, Prof. Zheng Yanqun and Prof. Su Yingxia from Beijing Language and Culture University, Prof. Song Jihua and Prof. Feng Liping from Beijing Normal University, Prof. Wu Yongyi from East China Normal University, Prof. Le Qi from Communication University of China, Prof. Cao Xianwen from Nanjing University, Prof. Bai Jianhua from Kenyon University, Prof. Liang Xia from Washington University in St. Louis, and Prof. Xuan Li from University of London.


A team of teachers from Tianjin Normal University highlighted the concept of "student-centered" and the principle of practical teaching, guiding learners to participate in the writing and performance of the short plays online and offline. The team of teachers from Jinan University used various teaching methods such as task-based teaching, experiential learning, and cooperative group learning to achieve the three-in-one training objective of "Chinese language improvement + Chinese culture immersion + teacher quality development" in the course. A team of teachers from Southwest Jiaotong University conducted a course on "Talking with Giant Panda Guardians about Ecological Conservation" through the Youth Link----the online Talks Video with Global Young Leaders developed jointly with the CLEC, using various interactive formats and innovative content.

To further stimulate learners' interest in contemporary China, a team of students from Beijing Language and Culture University organized discussions in the form of roundtable talks on the current situation of young people's lives in China, and guided learners to conduct independent research in the classroom. Yanshan University's student team presented a wonderful machinery Chinese class using a simulated engineering machinery simulator, together with field drills in class. The Xinjiang University student team used the Silk Road as an entry point, combining local characteristics to show foreign learners a real, three-dimensional, and comprehensive China.


It is worth mentioning that this "Chinese Language Teaching Idols" event also attracted many teams of overseas teachers to participate. Based on Hand in Hand, the first kindergarten Chinese textbook in the UAE, Chinese language teachers from the UAE's "100 Schools Project" combine language learning with the buildup of world awareness and use a variety of games to help foster the development of multiple intelligences in children. The teaching team of Egerton University in Kenya has explored the special education model of "Chinese + Agriculture" based on the Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education, which seeks to integrate Chinese language education with agricultural knowledge and culture exchange. Local Chinese language teachers such as Maria and Antoaneta Velikova from Bulgaria and Jasmine from Uzbekistan actively participated in the event, integrating language teaching, language practice and cultural introduction based on the learning needs and cognitive characteristics of local learners.


In the roundtable forum session, Chen Zijiao, Dean of the School of Chinese Studies at Dalian University of Foreign Languages, Hou Yu, Director of the Center for MTCSOL at Northwest Normal University, Wang Xiucheng, Dean of the School of International Chinese Studies, Yunnan Normal University, Zhang Wei, Director of the Practice and Research Center for Chinese Language Teachers at East China Normal University, and Zuo Pengjun, Dean of the School of International Culture at South China Normal University, made speeches. They said that the exploration of the teams based on the "Chinese Language Teaching Idols" has provided a boost to the optimization of the curriculum model, the training of professional students, and the in-depth exchanges among countries, regions, and universities, and has also promoted the full flow of cutting-edge innovative theories, valuable practical experience, and rich teaching resources.

Having been held four times, "Chinese Language Teaching Idols" has become a brand in the field of international Chinese language education and has played an increasingly important role in promoting the training of international Chinese language education professionals and the building of a teaching force, as well as advancing the high-quality development of international Chinese language education.


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