To build an innovative and high-level university, SCNU sincerely invites overseas young talents to apply for the Science Fund Program for Distinguished Young Scholars of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Overseas)  (hereinafter referred to as Science Fund Program for Distinguished Young Scholars (Overseas)). Relevant details are hereby announced as follows:

华南师范大学始建于1933年,前身是广东省立勷勤大学师范学院。1996年进入国家“211 工程”重点建设大学行列,2015年成为广东省人民政府和教育部共建高校,同年进入广东省高水平大学整体建设高校行列,2017年学校进入国家“世界一流学科”建设高校行列。为建设国内一流、世界知名的教师教育优势突出的创新型高水平大学,现诚邀海外青年英才依托我校申报国家自然科学基金优秀青年科学基金项目(海外)。

Originally known as Guangdong Provincial Xiangqin Normal College, South China Normal University (SCNU) was founded in 1933. In 1996, it became a member of “Project 211”, a national project aiming to establish 100 well-acknowledged key universities and colleges in China. 2015 saw the co-construction of SCNU by the Guangdong Provincial Government and Ministry of Education as well as its entry into the Guangdong High-Level University Sponsoring Project. In 2017, SCNU became a member of the National Sponsoring Project for World-Class Disciplines Construction. In order to build a first-class, world-renowned and innovative university with outstanding advantages in teachers and education, we sincerely invite overseas talents to apply for the Science Fund Program for Distinguished Young Scholars (Overseas).

项目介绍 Project introduction



In order to further improve the talent funding system of NSFC, give full play to the function of NSFC in introducing and cultivating talents, and attract overseas outstanding young talents to return to work in China, NSFC sets up the Science Fund Program for Distinguished Young Scholars (Overseas) from 2021.

The Science Fund Program for Distinguished Young Scholars (Overseas) aims to attract and encourage overseas outstanding young scholars from overseas (including non-Chinese foreign talents), who have made achievements in natural science, engineering and technology to return to China and carry out innovative research in their own choice of research direction, promote the rapid growth of young scientific and technological talents, cultivate a number of outstanding academic backbones who are expected to reach the frontier of science and technology in the world, and contribute to building national strength in science and technology.

申请条件 Applicant requirements



Applicants of Science Fund Program for Distinguished Young Scholars (Overseas) should met the following conditions:

(1) Abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, have good scientific ethics, and consciously practice the spirit of scientists in the new era;

(2) Have a date of birth after September 1, 1980;

(3) Have a doctorate degree;

(4) The research direction is mainly in natural science, engineering technology, etc.;

(5) Before April 30, 2021, the applicant should have obtained a formal teaching or research position in an overseas university, scientific research institution, or corporate research and development institution, and have more than 36 months of continuous work experience; for those who have obtained a doctorate degree overseas and have particularly outstanding performance, the limitation of work experience may be appropriately relaxed;

(6) The applicant shall have obtained the achievement of scientific research or technology and other achievements recognized by peer experts, and have the development potential of becoming an academic leader or outstanding talent in related field;

(7) The applicant has not yet returned to work in China (to China) on a full-time basis, or returned (came) to work in China after September 1, 2019. The applicant must resign from the overseas work or have no work overseas after being notified of the grant of funding and return (come) to work in China full-time for at least 3 years.

(8) Application system will be open after March 22, 2021, and the link is https://isisn.nsfc.gov.cn/ Applicants should log on to the system before April 6, 2021, complete the application form for the Science Fund Program for Distinguished Young Scholars (Overseas), and upload the attachments and other materials. The university will submit the application materials to the provincial authorities on April 7, 2021.

限项要求 Requirements for limited programs



(1) The Science Fund Program for Distinguished Young Scholars (Overseas) implements the requirements of limited programs of the Science Fund Program for Distinguished Young Scholars in the National Natural Science Fund Guide to Programs 2021.

(2) Those who applied for or are undertaking the Science Fund Program for Distinguished Young Scholars in the current year are not allowed to apply for Science Fund Program for Distinguished Young Scholars (Overseas).

待遇及配套 Remuneration package

1. 国家自然科学基金资助:100万-300万,期限3年;

2. 广东省配套资助:按入选人才实际情况提供额外配套资助;

3. 学校配套待遇:学校按青年拔尖人才引进项目入选者,纳入事业编制管理,聘教授或研究员,提供税前年薪60万元和购房补贴税前200万元,按学科基础和实际需要提供科研启动经费,帮助组建创新科研团队,子女报读华南师范大学附属幼儿园、小学和初中。

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China: RMB 1-3 million funding amount for 3 years.

2. Supporting subsidies of Guangdong Province: additional supporting subsidies will be commensurate with the successful applicants' academic qualification and relevant professional experience. 

3. Supporting Benefits of SCNU: Candidates recognized as SCNU Outstanding Young Talents will be employed as professors or researchers included in the public institution staffing quota. The university will provide a pre-tax annual salary of RMB 600,000 and a pre-tax house purchase subsidy of RMB 2 million. Research start-up funds will be provided according to discipline foundation and actual needs, to help establish innovative research teams. Child(ren) of candidates will enroll in the affiliated kindergarten, primary school and junior middle school of South China Normal University.

应聘流程 Application instructions




Qualified applicants shall sign a work contract or intention agreement with SCNU. Please send the application form (see the attached file) to email box of the Science and Technology Office, and contact with relevant college who will recommend the application to the university.

联系方式 Contact information





SCNU Human Resource Office

Contact: Mr. Li Zhi







Outstanding Youth Science Fund Project (Overseas) Online Application Enquiry

SCNU Science and Technology Office

Contact: Ms. Liu Xiaoyan




Shipai Campus


University Town Campus


Nanhai Campus


* 如英文翻译不准确,以中文原文内容为准。

The original text is Chinese and has been translated into English for reference only. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the Chinese version and the English version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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