On October 30, a delegation led by Wang Enke, president of SCNU visited Macao to attend the 20th anniversary of Macao's reunification with the motherland, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, the graduation ceremony of Macao's graduates and an academic symposium.


( Wang Enke, president of SCNU)

“SCNU has injected Macao with new motivation in many repects such as science, education and social services. With the promotion of the Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) strategy, SCNU is actively planning the establishment of an Institute of Teacher Training. We hold the belief that with the assistance of the Macao alumni association, the educational and cultural exchange between SCNU and Macao can be deepened, which will contribute to the prospects of the GBA.” Wang said. He also welcomed alumni in Macao to come back, assisting with the development of SCNU.


(Chen Hong, president of the Chinese Society of Education)

Chen Hong, president of the Chinese Society of Education, stated that educational exchange between Macao and SCNU has greatly promoted the education development of Macao, and affirmed alumni’s active roles in different careers as well. Additionally, she called for more effort to provide support for alumni in education and society, which will enhance prosperity of various undertakings in Macao.

Image 4.jpg

(The degree conferment ceremony of Macao postgraduates at SCNU)

On the same day, Wang Enke also led the heads of several schools of SCNU to attend the degree conferment ceremony of Macao postgraduates at SCNU in 2019. He recalled that over the past 34 years, SCNU has been devoted to the promotion of Macao culture and education, including the enhancement of the ethnic identity between Macao and the mainland. Simultaneously, Wang encouraged students to inherit the spirit of SCNU, shoulder the task of promoting education in Macao, and build a cultural bridge to smooth communication between the GBA and Macao.

Image 5.jpg

(The new executive committee of the Macao alumni association of SCNU)

At noon on October 31, the Macao alumni association of SCNU held the inauguration ceremony of the new executive committee. President Wang, who took the oath and delivered a speech, congratulated the elected members, wishing that the alumni association would unite and gather more schoolfellows under the leadership of new committee.

In the afternoon, Wang, together with leaders of SCNU, attended a symposium,where they reviewed the hard but brilliant course of school running in Macao since 1985 with representatives of Macao alumni and cooperative partners. Both sides agreed it was not easy to achieve outstanding results, highlighting that more attention to exchanges and cooperation would facilitate greater progress in the education in the Greater Bay Area.

Image 6.jpg

(Leaders gathered in a symposium)

President Wang entering into activities in Macao gave expression of the friendly attitude of SCNU. Years of exchange with Macao not only improved the teaching level of lecturers of SCNU, but also injected new vitality into Macao's educational cause, promoting local industries and other related fields. Under the GBA strategy, more in-depth and comprehensive cooperation with educational institutions in Macao will be realized for the sake of the common prosperity.

Translated by Qiu Lezi, Wen Yanyu

Proofread by Edwin Baak

Edited / Reviewed by Li Jianru

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