At the 8th Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, organized by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, our university was honoured with 37 awards, which is a major improvement compared with last year (27 achievements), attaining third rank in Guangdong province. The number of first prizes tied for the top with Sun Yat-sen University. The award organization has been expanded, now awarding 13 first prizes, 18 second prizes and 6 third prizes. It is not only the best year since our university started competing in the Guangdong Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, with a considerable breakthrough in total number of awards and numbers of the first prizes, but also an significant improvement for SCNU after entering a new stage of “Double-First class” and high level university development.

A total number of 18 colleges and faculties were winners in the 8th Guangdong Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award. Schools of Economics and Management ranked the first with 5 prizes; the School of History Culture won 4 prizes, including 3 first prizes, while School of Psychology ranked the first place in the number of first prizes; the School of Psychology and the School of Public Administration each won 3 prizes; the School of Marxism and a further 7 schools were honoured with 2 awards.

A total number of 15 disciplines have won awards, including 6 awards in education and 3 first prizes in psychology; some disciplines have made breakthroughs in grade and number of awards, with 4 awards in economics, 3 awards in history, and2 awards in jurisprudence. There were awards in other 10 disciplines.

There were 12 award-winning achievements in academic writing, including 7 first-class awards, 23 awards were given for academic papers and 2 awards for research reports.

In recent years, South China Normal University has paid much attention to scientific research in humanities and social sciences. More research has been carried out aimed at fundamental theoretical research, major strategic applied research and interdisciplinary research to create academic excellence. Strong efforts have been made to raise the standard of  original academic achievements in philosophy and social sciences with high academic value and social influence, which provides strong support for the development of SCNU into a“Double-First Class” high level university.

The Guangdong Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award was established by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, aiming at rewarding collective and individual contributions in scientific research in philosophy and the social sciences, thus fully mobilizing and developing the enthusiasm and creativity of the researchers, while promoting the practice of philosophy and social sciences in our province. The Guangdong Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award is held every two years. It is regarded as the most influential government award at the highest level in the field of philosophy and social sciences in our province. The honor certificates and bonuses are awarded by People’s Government of Guangdong Province.

Source: Office of Humanities & Social Sciences

Translated by Chen Huiqing

Proofread by Edwin Baak

Reviewed by Li Jianru

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