Recently, the research team led by Prof. Lan Sheng from the School of Information Optoelectronic Science and Engineering at SCNU has made important progress in the research of si-based nanosize luminescent material. They found that if the electrical/magnetic dipole resonance of a silicon nanoparticle with a feature size of 200 nm was calculated by the femtosecond, the silicon nanoparticle can effectively emit white light. They proposed an experimental method for measuring the quantum efficiency of fluorescence of a single silicon nanoparticle and found that the quantum efficiency of silicon nanospheres has increased by nearly five times  compared with that of the semiconductor silicon or silicon-on-insulator.


Professor Lan Sheng's research team has been working on the nonlinear optical properties of semiconductor nanomaterials in recent years. In 2013, they used femtosecond laser ablation technology to firstly create silicon nanoflower formed by self-assembly of silicon nanoparticles and found that silicon nanoflower can produce strong second harmonics calculated by an 800 nm femtosecond laser and cause Stokes and anti-Stokes Raman scattering  [The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117, 24625 (2013)]. In 2017, they found that GaAs nanospheres can generate very efficient thermal electron in-band fluorescence when excited by femtosecond laser [Nano Letters 17, 4853 (2017)].

The research findings with the title ”Lighting up silicon nanoparticles with Mie resonances“were published in Nature Communications [Nat. Communs. 9, 2964 (2018), IF = 12.353]. The author information as follows: The first unit is South China Normal University. These authors contributed equally: Zhang Chengyun, a professor of Guangzhou University and an in-service doctoral student of professor Lan Sheng. Xu Yi, an associate professor of Jinan University. The corresponding authors are Lan Sheng, a professor of South China Normal University and Andrey E. Miroshnichenko a professor of the University of New South Wales in Australia. Professors Liu Jin and Li Junxi from Sun Yat-sen University and graduate students Li Hui, Xiang Jin and Li Jinxiang whose advisor is Lan Sheng contributed equally to this work.

Since the beginning of this year, Professor Lan Sheng's research team has also gained remarkable achievements in the research of silicon nanometer color display [Laser and Photon. Rev. 12, 1800032 (2018), IF = 8.529] and electromagnetic radiation of high-order plasma model of gold nanoparticles [Nanoscale 10, 9153 (2018), IF = 7.233]. The above researches have been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Major R&D Program, the Training Program of the Major Research of Guangdong Province Fund, and the Provincial High Level Construction Project.

Links of the paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-018-05394-z


Source from School of Information and Optoelectronic Science and Engineering 

Translated by Peng Jing

Proofread by Edwin Baak 

Edited and reviewed by Li Jianru

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