On the morning of June 6, a delegation from Curtin University in Australia, led by its executive vice principal Archie Clements paid a visit to South China Normal University (SCNU). Wu Jian, vice president of SCNU, Tan Weihong, director of  the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, He Xianyou, dean of the School of Psychology, and Qin Pengmin, assistant to the dean of the School of Psychology attended the meeting. After discussion, the two sides, , reached preliminary consensus on cooperation in the Faculty of Psychology.


Curtin University, located in Perth, the capital of western Australia, was established in 1967. Known as the MIT of Australia and a member of the ATN, it is the largest comprehensive university on the west coast of Australia. Curtin University enjoys a high international reputation as one of Australia's 12 universities that has been ranked as one of the world's top 200 universities by The Times for the three years in a row.

Source: Office of International Exchange and Cooperation

Translated: Guo Xinyi

Proofread: Edwin Baak 

Reviewed: Li Jianru

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