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SCNU holds 2023 International Neuroaesthetics Symposium 12-22 The symposium aims to discuss cutting-edge issues and research progress in neuroaesthetics and shares the latest thoughts and achievements on aesthetic experience and aesthetic activities
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Music on the lawn: SCNU held outdoor concert 04-05 SCNU held an outdoor concert at the University Town campus The live concert brought diverse performances such as dance, instrumental music, and chorus by students and faculty of the School of Music
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[] Under the tree canopy: My visionary journey 04-12 Indonesian student LAILATUL FAIZAH pursued psychology at South China Normal University On campus, she shared her joys and achievements with her classmates, and her professors impressed her even more Small details made her feel like she belonged
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Video| SCNU story 04-12 After four years of growth, the three undergraduates have grown their wisdom and strength The beautiful humanistic environment of SCNU have given them strength and helped pursue their dreams
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SCNU wins four awards for Industry-University-Research Collaboration 03-23 SCNU was honored with four awards for making contributions to the in-depth integration of industry, university and research in 2023 in the 15th China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Conference
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Foreign teachers @ SCNU 04-07 At SCNU, there is a group of teachers who speak various languages and come from various cultural backgrounds They cultivate talents, focus on research, and devote themselves to the development of SCNU Let s take a look at their lives at SCNU
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