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SCNU holds 2023 International Neuroaesthetics Symposium 12-22 The symposium aims to discuss cutting-edge issues and research progress in neuroaesthetics and shares the latest thoughts and achievements on aesthetic experience and aesthetic activities
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Kunpeng Ascension Developer Conference 2024 held at SCNU 05-01 This event further broadened the scientific research vision of students of SCNU in the field of information technology, accelerated the application of advanced technology in colleges and universities, and deepened the cooperation between Huawei and SCNU
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[] Researchers develop technology to help with drainage system toxic gases 05-06 South China Normal University joins to develop technology to help with drainage system toxic gases, which helps with risk management of the HATS sewerage system in Hong Kong
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Video∣The Next Station, SCNU 04-17 This video tells a story about three classmates who help each other, encourage one another, and progress together It reflects common psychological issues faced by contemporary college students, with the hope of providing emotional encouragement to
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19 scholars from SCNU listed as 2023 Highly Cited Chinese Researchers by Elsevier 04-10 The 19 scholars on the list were selected across 5 discipline areas including science, education, economics, literature, and engineering The 19 scholars encompassed 11 first-level disciplines
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Latvian student embraces wushu at SCNU 05-11 Polina Malahova, a Latvian student, came to SCNU with a longing for China and a love of martial arts She owns a special identity - a foreign member of the SCNU martial arts team Click to read more about a story about a Latvian girl and wushu!
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