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SCNU strenghtens youth exchange with University of Latvia 05-26 The University of Latvia has previously chosen exceptional students to study at SCNU through projects Based on the original exchange program, SCNU will annually select and financially support several students and teachers to engage in academic exchange
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SCNU hosts 2024 graduation fashion show 06-03 30 models took to the runway with over 100 looks to showcase the exceptional work of 24 graduating students of the bachelor of fashion design program, providing a glimpse of the next generation of fashion designers
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[] SCNU students participate in China Dragon Boat Open Championship 05-28 SCNU dragon boat team are competing against are all formidable opponents, "many of them are in national teams We are here to learn from their experience "
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Video∣The Next Station, SCNU 04-17 This video tells a story about three classmates who help each other, encourage one another, and progress together It reflects common psychological issues faced by contemporary college students, with the hope of providing emotional encouragement to
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SCNU agricultural science ranks ESI top 1% 05-29 SCNU has achieved a new breakthrough by having the discipline of Agriculture Science listed in the global top 1% of Essential Science Indicators (ESI), according to the latest ESI statistics released by Clarivate Analytics
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Study at SCNU | Thai student to tell China's story 06-03 Having studied Chinese language for over ten years, he has planed to go back Thailand and help his people learn Chinese language and culture and tell China s story to his fellow compatriots after graduation
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