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Welcome to use the campus card of the South China Normal University. The campus card can be used on all three campuses. For the sake of fund security, please use the mobile service terminal or self-service machine to modify the initial password of the campus card and properly keep the new password.

Handling of the campus card

  • 1. Students can handle both the physical card and electronic virtual card. The relevant student administration department shall be responsible for providing the basic information of students who have obtained a formal student status.

  • 2. Card cost: each physical card is 15 yuan and the E-card is free.

  • 3. Partnering fee: no fees are charged when students use the campus card to pay for consumptions. Those who do not hold a campus card and pay through a third party online will be charged with a 25% partnering fee in the school canteen.

  • 4. The application for the campus card shall be based on the method of "Collective handling first, individual handling is auxiliary". Cards for full-time freshmen will be issued together with registration materials.

  • 5. The warranty period of the campus card is one year. During the warranty period, the cardholder can replace the card free of charge if there is no physical damage to the card.

How to use the campus card

1. Set the password

  • The campus card system has set the password protection measures of "two secrets and one limit":

    "Two secrets" refers to the initial password and user password. The initial password consists of the last six digits of the cardholder's passport number (the valid identity certificate number submitted when applying for a campus card). In the case of no ID number, the initial password is 888888. This is the password with which the card is issued to students.

  • For the safety of the campus card funds, please take good care of the password. Be sure to modify the password after getting a new card.

  • The ways to change the password are: via the SCNU Campus Card WeChat Public Account, the SCNU Campus Card Mobile App, the SCNU Campus Card Web Portal or the self-service  cash top-up machine(圈钱机).

  • The ways to change the user password are: take the passport and campus card to the counter of the Campus E-card Service Center, or hold the campus card to the self-service cash top-up machine(圈钱机).

  • If you forget your password, please go to the counter of the Campus E-card Service Center with your passport and campus card to reset the password.

  • "One limit" refers to the consumption limit without password (one-time consumption limit, and daily consumption limit). The consumption limit without password is initially set at 50 yuan per one-time, with a daily consumption limit of 100 yuan. The cardholder can change the consumption limits through the self service cash top-up machine.

2. Topping up

  • 2.1 The ways to top up.

  • Students can top up using the campus card mobile terminal and the self service cash top-up machine. These two types of services are available 7*24 hours, supported by the binding of a China Construction Bank debit card transfer (other bank cards and credit cards are not supported) or through WeChat top up. The campus card does not support overdraft consumption, please recharge in time.

  • The cardholder can set up the "Automatic Recharge" mode through the mobile terminal, and authorize the transfer from the corresponding bank card or WeChat wallet account to the campus card electronic wallet automatically when there is insufficient cash in the wallet. The system is initially set to transfer 50 yuan automatically when the electronic wallet balance is less than 20 yuan. The use of the automatic top up function has a certain capital risk. The cardholder must change and take good care of the password. Card loss must be reported immediately.

  • 2.2 Manual recharge

    The self-service top up is convenient and fast. The new campus card system is mainly based on the self-service recharge, supplemented by a small amount of manual cash recharge.

  • The campus card can be used for consumption  with the shower water control system of Chinese students’ apartment. The consumption mode of the water control system adopts the small wallet mode. Be sure you have enough money in the campus card electronic wallet before use so that you can transfer money to the small water control wallet from it through the self-service terminal. The water control small wallet is not registered, no loss reporting, no refund balance and it can only be used for water control consumption. It is not recommended to top up a large amount.

  • There are two ways to top up the water control wallet:

    a. Self service top up on cash top-up machine self service;

    b. After online top up at the mobile terminal, take the campus card to the transfer confirmationterminal/casher/ cash register(领款机).

3. Usage

  • The campus card can be used in the school canteens, convenience stores on the campus, school hospital, library, sign-in for meetings, bank deposits, dormitory access badge, shower water uses and self-service. The campus card can be used as an ID card, electronic ID card and electronic wallet. Close your card to card reader when swiping. Please do not swipe overlapping cards.

  • The cardholder must check the POS consumption on input payments before a credit card payment. In case of misdeduction, ask the merchant operator to check the final processing data. With the refund proof issued by the merchant, the cardholder can go to the Campus E-card Service Center to ask for a refund. If it is found that the money is deducted by mistake, the cardholder can print the consumption details at the Campus E-card Service Center and then negotiate with the merchant about the consumption details.

4. Declaration of the loss and withdrawal

  • When losing a campus card, you should declare the loss of it timely. Loss can be reported as follows:

  • 1. Mobile service terminal: the official Wechat account; the app campus card; the site of campus card.

  • 2. Self-service machine: cash top-up machine self-service.

  • 3. Manual service in the hall of campus card service center (Remember to bring your passport).

If the default password is not timely changed after receiving the campus card, even if the loss is declared, the card finder may still use the default password to make withdrawals even if the card loss has been reported. Therefore, please be reminded to change the default password immediately after receiving the new card. If a campus card is found, it can still be used to make withdrawals after the loss has been reported. In case of loss students are advised to undo the binding of the campus card to WeChat and other electronic platforms. Undoing the binding is similar to reporting loss. Both operations will take effect immediately. But after applying for a new card, the old campus card is automatically invalid.

5. Finding and Reclaimation

If you find someone else's campus card, please bring it to the hall of campus card service center. If you lose a campus card, you can first go to the hall of campus card service center to check whether it has been found. The information of the found campus card can be reached through the card mobile service terminal. Remember to bring your passport when you reclaim the campus card. 

6. Reapplication

If the cardholder needs to reapply for a new card due to the loss or damage of the campus card, he or she should go to the counter in the hall of campus card service center and present the passport and the campus card certificate issued by the International Exchange and Cooperation Department. The card cost will be deducted from the card account and the balance of the previous card will be transferred to the new card.

7. Extension

The validity period of the campus card is consistent with the length of schooling.

If the campus card needs to be extended, the cardholder shall present the relevant certificate of extension issued by the administrative department and the college:

  1. Submit the application for extension through the mobile service terminal and wait for the approval of the extension by the operator.

  2. Go to the counter in the hall of campus card service center. It’s not necessary to bring the card to the counter for extension procedure. A canceled campus card cannot be extended.

8. Cancellation

Students who go through the procedures of graduation, or dropping out of school shall also go through the procedures of campus card cancellation, or the system shall cancel the card function uniformly after graduation. After the card is cancelled, you can voluntarily apply for the alumni card. The cancellation of the campus card shall be processed in the hall of campus card service center. If the campus card is lost, the cardholder shall bring the passport to go through the cancellation and refund procedures.

Service of the campus card

1. Service of the mobile terminal

  • SCNU Campus Card WeChat Public Account: 华南师范大学校园一卡通

  • SCNU Campus Card Mobile App: the system is still under construction

  • SCNU Campus Card Web Portal:

The main functions of each mobile terminal are similar, and cardholders can choose according to their preferences. The main functions include inquiry, topping up, payment, loss reporting, undo binding, password modification, payment and so on.

2. Self-service machines

Self - service machines include thethecash top-up machine self-service, self-resissue machine(自助补卡机), transfer confirmation/casher/ cash registerterminal, consumption terminals, etc.. More self-service machines will be added later.

  • Cash top-up machine self service(圈存机). The cardholder logs in to the machine by entering the password of the card on the machine. The machine provides the following services: comprehensive query; deposit of funds; revision of consumption limits; change of password; drawing the unclaimed withdrawal (note: the unclaimed withdrawal occurs when the cardholder succeeds in collecting the deposit but fails to write the amount to the card) distribution and collection; collecting the balance of the previous card; self-service payment, etc. The cardholder logs in by entering the campus card number. The machine provides the following services: comprehensive query, loss reporting and balance inquiry, etc.

  • Transfer confirmation/casher/cash registerterminal(领款机). The machine provides the following services: unclaimed withdrawal (note: unclaimed withdrawal occurs when the cardholder succeeds in collecting deposit, but fails to write the amount of deposit on the card); Distribution and collection; Self-service hot water charge (hot water charge for apartment or dormitory).

  • Consumption POS machine(消费机). The machine is used for campus card consumption in dining hall, supermarkets and so on.



No. of cash top-up machine self service terminals

No. of the   transfer confirmation/casher/cash   register terminals

Shipai campus




First floor   corridor of Qinyuan



First floor   of Yongyuan



Campus Ecard Service   Center



University   Town campus

the first   floor of Nanyuan



First floor   of Hanyuan


Campus Ecard   Service Center



Nanhai campus

Campus E-card   Service Center






3. Manual service

Campus card service is mainly self-service, supplemented by manual service. In general, problems that can be solved by mobile terminals and self-service machines are solved by self-service. If self-service cannot solve your problem or there are some special difficulties, you can go to the Campus E-card Service Center to handle business manually.


Available Time

Phone Number



Shipai campus




From Mon. to Fri.




Beside the China   Construction Bank on the first floor of the ninth building, the eastern   living area, Shipai campus


University Town campus




From Mon. to Fri.




the 2nd floor of the   Logistics Complex Building, northern living area of the University campus


Nanhai campus



From Mon. to Fri.




The comprehensive living area on the Nanhai campus

4. Notice

  • Do not bend the card to avoid damaging the chip and antenna inside;

  • Do not expose the card to the sun, or to strong alternating electromagnetic fields, high temperature, corrosives or other harsh environmental conditions;

  • Do not carve, punch, or excessively wear the card surface;

  • Do not soak the card in water.