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About Shipai Campus

There are 18 dormitory buildings on the Shipai campus, with a total of about 15,000 beds. In general, the dorms are equipped with facilities such as air-conditioner, communal washing machine, etc. WiFi is available in all dormitories. The dormitories housing up to four people provide basic furniture, a private bathroom with hot water.

Door policy for the dormitories: 

Sunday to Thursday: Open at 6:00 a.m., and close at 11:00 p.m.

Friday & Saturday and statutory holidays: Close at 11:30 p.m.

All students' dormitories at the Shipai campus are equipped with entrance security. Each student swipe their own campus card when entering or exiting the building. Visitors must register to enter, and they are banned from staying overnight at the students' dormitory.

Hot water supply

All students at the campus' dormitories can use hot water using their student card.

Time of hot water supply:

6:00 p.m. -- 7:00 p.m.

9:00 p.m. -- 11:00 p.m. 

Attention: If there is some change, please pay attention to the notification at the gate or ask the administrators.

Service line: 020-85212033

Drinking water supply

Bottled water is supplied by the technical support of the school. Students have multiple options.

Service line: 020-85213499, 020-85216758

Laundry service

For convenience, a washing machine is supplied by the technical support of the school in the communal area of some dormitories on the campus. A laundry service is available to the #9 East dormitory. The specific charges will be subject to actual pricing.

Repair and maintenance service

If there is a need to have something repaired, students in this campus can register with the repair service on the public Wechat platform“Huashi Houqing” by scanning QR Code to follow it. Students can also go to duty office of dormitory to register. For regular small repairs, the administration of dormitories will repair or replace items fairly soon. Damage as a result of vandalism or carelessness is repaired at cost price.

About University Town Campus

The University Town campus is divided into the southern and northern living areas with a total number of 18 student dormitories. The four-person rooms have a floor space of about 15 square meters (excluding balcony and toilet). Student dormitories are equipped with basic furnishing and regulated hot water supply. Indoor cleaning should be done by the students themselves, and the cleaning tools are made available by the property management company.

Dormitory regulations

A campus card is required for dormitory entry and exit. Visitors must register and present personal identification. Visiting is banned during the noon break time from 12:00 - 14:00. People of the opposite sex and foreigners are not allowed to stay in the dormitories. 

Students who enter the dormitory after 11:30 (Friday and Saturday, 12:00) need to register, and students in the building are not allowed to go out again.

Power and water supply in the dormitory is available all day. Use of high-power electrical appliances is strictly prohibited. If any use is discovered, the illegal appliances will be confiscated.

Training center (Accommodation Department )

The University Town campus has a training and accommodation building in the south of students' residence. Temporary accommodation is available for family members and friends of students. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV and bedding, etc.. There are three types of room: double room, triple room, quadruple room. The price of double room and four-person room is 160 yuan / day / room, and the price of a triple room is 180 yuan / day / room (For reference only, final rates will be according to pricing by the front desk of the training building) booking telephone: 39310419

Hot water service

Normal hot water supply time: 18:00 - 23:30 at night (hot water supply is available on the winter mornings, subject to notification each year).

Drinking water supply

The barreled water service department of the school asset management company has introduced (brand Xuezhonghua) drinking bottled water and (brand Piaobao) bottled water to provide drinking water service for the campus of our university town, which is optional to students .

Water service telephone:  


Piaobao:  1353907603

Repair and maintenance service

Minor maintenance (such as fans, lamp tubes, water meters, etc.): register at the housekeeping office for maintenance by the property management company. Air conditioning maintenance: registered in the dormitory management office, the property company report to the supplier for repair, or students apply for repair.

Large-scale maintenance (wall leakage, plumbing repair, cable repair, etc.): register at the housekeeping department, the property company reports to the maintenance department, and the maintenance is carried out by the engineering department of the school.

Infrastructure maintenance office Tel.: 39310030

About Nanhai Campus

There are eight apartment buildings on the Nanhai campus, Blocks A to H being the student's apartment. Of these, the apartments in Blocks A, B, C, and D mainly consist of air-conditioned single room with five beds per room; apartments in Block E and F are suites. Each suite comes with a living room and two bedrooms with four beds each. Apartments in Blocks G and H consist of single rooms with four beds in each room. 

Each apartment is equipped with entry/exit security, fire fighting system, water supply, power supply, sewage and lighting. The room is furnished with conjoined furniture (bed above, computer desk, bookshelf, wardrobe, chair below), top fan, computer network port, etc.

To help students develop good living habits, the dormitory management office implements a door policy. The specific schedule is as follows:

Opening time: 6:00, closing time: 23:00 from Sunday to Thursday, and 23:30 on Friday and Saturday. Network service and power supply is available all day on the Nanhai campus.

Guest House

The non-profit guest house consists of two sections with single rooms and double rooms, providing accommodation for on-campus training, exchange and other activities. Accommodation service is open to teachers and students within the school if beds are free. Family members and friends of teachers and students may stay at the guesthouse when visiting.

Service desk: 0757-86687380

Hot water service

Hot water is available in every room. During the hot water supply period, insert the card into the hot water sensing area in each dormitory bathroom and turn on the tap, then the hot water comes.

Normal hot water supply period: 17:30 - 22:50. 

Hot water maintenance emergency telephone: 0757-86687372.

Drinking water supply

Drinking water supply of the brand Piaobao is introduced by Guangzhou Pearl River Basin Water Resources Protection Industry Co., Ltd. with water delivery to the door. The price is 8.5 yuan / barrel. 

Water supply telephone: 1316 855787

Repair and maintenance service

If the fans, water pipes, doors and windows, or lamp tubes of the dormitory are out of order, please register with the repair order of the dormitory management office on the first floor of each dormitory, and maintenance will be carried on by the worker of the property management company.