Call for Application: International Student Programs at School of International Culture
International Exchange Student Program
Application and Fees
Undergraduate Programs
Graduate Programs

Shipai Campus

Schools and Colleges


School of Education / School of Special Education

Early Childhood Education, Pedagogy, Elementary Education, Special Education

School of Politics & Administration

Ideological and Political Education,   Political Science and Administration, Social Work

School of History & Culture


School of Foreign Studies

English, Russian, Japanese, Translation

College of International Culture

Chinese Language ( for Non-Chinese Speakers)

School of Fine Arts

Fine Arts, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, Fashion Design, Product Design, Industrial Design, Digital Media Arts

School of Information Technology in Education

Educational Technology, Mass Communications, Photography, Screen Photography and Production, Journalism

School of Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computational Science, Statistics, Economic Statistics, Applied Statistics, Financial Mathematics

School of Life Sciences

Bioscience, Bioengineering, Biotechnology

School of Geographical Science

Geographical Science, Geographic Information Science, Physical Geography and Resource Environment, Human Geography & Urban and Rural Planning

School of Computer Science

Computer Science and Technology, Network Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering

School of Psychology

Psychology, Applied Psychology

University Town Campus

School of Chinese Language &   Literature

Chinese Language and Literature, Editing and Publication, Chinese Language

School of Economics & Management

Economics, Human Resources Management, Information Management and Information System, Electronic Business, Finance,   Accounting, Logistics, International Economy and Trade, Financial Management, Financial Engineering

School of Law


School of Public Administration

Public Management, Science of Management, Public Administration

School of Physical Education & Sports Science

Physical Education, Guidance and   Management of Social Sports, Sports Training

School of Music

Musicology, Dance Studies, Music Performance

School of Physics & Telecommunication Engineering

Physics, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Communication Engineering, Material Physics, Science Education, Electronic Information Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Material Forming and Control Engineering

School of Chemistry & Environment

Chemistry, Environmental Science, Material Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, New Energy Materials and Devices

School of Information and Optoelectronic Science and Engineering

Information Engineering, Opto-Electronics Information Science and Engineering

School of Tourism Management

Tourism Management, Exhibition Economy and Management, Hotel Management

Nanhai Campus

School of Urban Culture

Management of Cultural Industry, New Media and Internet Technologies

International Business College

French, Financial Management, Finance (Sino-UK Joint Program)

School of Software

Software Engineering

College of Vocational and Technical   Education

Pedagogy, Electronic Business, Network Engineering