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Gold Medals for SCNU Students Asian Rowing Championships 12-16 SCNU students won two gold medals for China at the 2022 Asian Rowing Championships held in Pattaya and Rayong, Thailand The two gold were won in the men’s lightweight coxless fours and the men’s coxless fours respectively
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SCNU signs Agreement with Jihua Lab 03-03 SCNU and Jihua Laboratory will gather high-quality resources, focus on the R&D of advanced display technology, and deepen cooperation in various fields The collaboration could contribute wisdom to the scientific and technological innovation of GBA
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[] Guizhou emerging as big data juggernaut 02-20 Ma Yanxin, a researcher at SCNU, added that circulation and transaction of data factors are currently mainly concentrated in the sectors of electric power and finance, and more efforts should be made to enrich data transaction scenarios
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Then and Now: A Witness of the Anti-poverty War 09-07 My hometown is becoming better and better with each passing day, and still on the way of pursuing further development under the guidance of the Communist Party of China Our people s well-being and quality of life have significantly improved
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Journal of South China Normal University increasingly influential 01-10 The report reveals that the Journal of South China Normal University (Social Science Edition) ranks 1st in the social science journals in Guangdong province Besides, it also ranks No 1 among the 10 normal universities
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Ten Book Recommendations 11-15 SCNU proudly released "The Dean s Books of the Year ", covering ten thought-provoking Chinese and foreign books It s intended for anyone interested in a great selection of recommended readings, especially for new students
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