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Digital Media in the Global Age: Enabler or Disabler? 04-08 With media technology having connected the world closely, the concept “the global village” put forward by Marshall McLuhan, has turned into reality
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Two more science research centers of SCNU recommended 03-29 The "Hong Kong and Macao Research Center " and the "East Timor Research Center " of SCNU are included in the latest batch of national and regional research institutes
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[chinadaily.com] Country tries to solve challenge of the ages 03-12 Lin Yong, an economics professor at SCNU, suggested authorities include kindergarten education in the national compulsory education system to relieve the financial burden on couples
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Xiao Yutang: A teacher and expert in wastewater treatment 03-26 Xiao Yutang is a prominent expert and educator in wastewater reuse from SCNU He was awarded "China Water Craftsman " at the 2020 Qingdao International Water Conference
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SCNU researcher Wang Jinhui listed in "World Top 2% Scientists 2020" 04-16 Wang Jinhui, a researcher from the Institute of Brain Science and Rehabilitation Medicine of SCNU, was selected
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Sticky rice balls make tradition meaningful 04-02 Vietnamese student Nguyen and her Chinese friends are busy making sticky rice balls in the public kitchen First make a flour dough, and then put a filling inside
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