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International Forum of South China School Football held at SCNU 06-15 This forum aimed to explore a model of school football education that combines efficient teaching, adequate practice and matches, and how to promote school football to all teenagers and foster talent
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SCNU holds the 2022 graduation commencement 07-05 SCNU held the commencement and degree-conferring ceremony for the 2022 graduates on the Shipai campus, the Nanhai campus and the the University Town campus on 24, 25 and 27 June succesively
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[] A new approach leads to better sodium ion battery 07-01 A team of researchers in China tested N-Phenyl-bis as a proposed film-forming additive to hard carbon and found that it enhanced the interphasial stability, leading to a 52-percent increase in capacity retention
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In the Name of Youth, Sing the Song of Faith 07-08 Only when we have unswerving faith can we advance and grow without distractions From these youth, we can definitely experience their faith of pursuing and achieving their own dreams, which may be ordinary and small, yet glittery and splendid
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SCNU realizes another 27 First-class Undergraduate Majors and 41 First-class Courses 06-20 Finance, along with other 16 majors, is selected for development into a national first-class undergraduate major, while 10 majors, including communication engineering
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Volunteers in action: SCNU students serve the society 06-13 ​SCNU student volunteers not only serve the others, but also improve themselves and strengthen their sense of social responsibility, showing the spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual aid, and progress through their participation
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