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Overseas partners extend regards to SCNU staff and students 03-10 They are looking forward to the ending of the epidemic and the continued and efficient cooperation between both sides
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South China Normal University welcomes new undergraduates 09-16 SCNU welcomed a new cohort of undergraduate students from September 12 to 15
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[] Generator developed for harvesting energy from droplets 09-03 South China Normal University and Scientists of the University of Twente designed an electrical generator that can harvest energy from impacting droplets
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Wu Shibao: " The pangolin species is hopefully to recover if we take action" 07-06 The move will raise public attention on protection of the Chinese pangolin and benefit the species long-term
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SCNU improves its social sciences review rating among ESI top 1% 09-15 The Social Sciences Review (general social sciences) rating of SCNU ranks among the top 1% of ESI for the first time
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Teachers’ Day special from SCNU 09-10 we delved into the world of teaching with the following SCNU teachers and alumni teachers, get insights into their understanding of their role as a teacher
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