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Southeast Asia Forum & Innovation Forum held at SCNU 11-18 The “Southeast Asia Forum” the 2020 International Conference & Innovation Forum on integration of industry and education in the Greater Bay Area were held at SCNU from 14–15 November 2020
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China’s first database for teacher assessment released 11-15 The DDS is the first system product in the country using technologies including artificial intelligence, and big data to help improve the teacher’s competence
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[] Generator developed for harvesting energy from droplets 09-03 South China Normal University and Scientists of the University of Twente designed an electrical generator that can harvest energy from impacting droplets
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Wu Shibao: " The pangolin species is hopefully to recover if we take action" 07-06 The move will raise public attention on protection of the Chinese pangolin and benefit the species long-term
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SCNU hits a new record with 134 projects funded by NSFC 09-30 Both the number of projects approved and the amount of funds received reached a record high this year, ranking 3rd among national teacher training colleges
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SCNU student to intern with United Nations 11-22 She calls on more people to attach more importance to protecting the environment and realizing the practical significance of the Sustainable Development Goals
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