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SCNU European Center unveiled to promote Sino-European exchange 12-11 The establishment of the center will strengthen the connection between European countries and SCNU, promote international development
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SCNU “Chinese Bridge” on-line winter course launched 01-14 It features the study of Chinese language and Lingnan culture for international students in an effort to promote Chinese culture and international exchange
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[] Flowing structure of observed learning outcomes 01-18 They developed a reasoning flow scaffold that identifies four key components of an argument: claims, evidence, reasons and rebuttals
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Wu Shibao: " The pangolin species is hopefully to recover if we take action" 07-06 The move will raise public attention on protection of the Chinese pangolin and benefit the species long-term
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SCNU hits a record high with 3 first prizes in science research 01-05 SCNU won the first prize in three categories in the 8th Science Research Famous Achievement Award in Higher Institution, ranking No 1 in Guangdong Province
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SCNUers wrap up 2020 and forward to 2021 12-31 When there are multitudes of challenges, there are multitudes of people who never give up but work harder and grow SCNUers are in that line
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