This course is set for those whose native language is not Chinese or overseas Chinese. To meet the orientation of career and adapt to the development needs of Chinese International Education in the new situation, cultivate compound and international senior specialized application talents who have strong professional ability of Chinese international education, with both theoretical basis and practical experience, and are engaged in Chinese International Education and overseas dissemination of Chinese culture. 

The doctoral degree education of Chinese international education focuses on course learning, tutor guidance and thesis writing research, and implements the training form of combining the personal responsibility of tutors with the collective guidance of the tutor group of doctoral degree of education in the field of Chinese international education. The training process includes course learning, mid-term assessment, opening report, practice, thesis writing, pre defense and graduation thesis defense. Graduation certificates will be issued when students have fulfilled the stipulated curriculum, acquired enough credits and completed the thesis. Students who satisfy the relevant requirements will be conferred upon the professional degree of doctor of education degree.

General requirements

(1)  Target Group: Non-Chinese citizens holding valid foreign ordinary passports

(2) Age requirement: 18-55 years old (Scholarship applicants must meet the age requirements of each program)

(3) Physical Condition: In good health, meets the health examination standards of applying for a student visa or residence permit in China.

(4) Moral cultivation: The applicant should be friendly to China, honest, respects the customs of Chinese people and has no records of violation on Chinese law, school rules, public security punishment or crimination.

(5) Financial Condition:In good financial situation, be able to pay 4 years tuition, accommodation and related daily living expenses.

Application Documents

(1)  Graduate diploma and master degree certificate or Pre-Graduating certificate in Chinese, majored in Foreign Language, Linguistics, Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Education or related majors.

(2)  Full transcripts of final education, original or notarized version, in notarized Chinese or English Translation.

(3)  Two recommendation letters from professors, associate professors or experts with equivalent professional titles in relevant fields or English from professor or associate professor.

(4)  Valid HSK test report (HSK 6 score 180 or above). 

(5)  Personal statement in Chinese, including knowledge of the intended area of study and research proposal, 3,000 words.

(6)  Passport copy (valid for more than 6 months).

(7)  All Visa copy (if available).

(8)  Single person color photo without a hat, same size as the one on the passport.

Teaching Language



(1)  Program Duration: The duration of this program normally is four years. Among them, the total time of off-duty study and practice in school shall not be less than two and a half years. The dissertation can be opened only after completing the course credits as required. The submitted dissertation can be defended only after passing the supervisor's review, pre defense and anonymous evaluation. The professional degree of doctor of education will be awarded according to the requirements of passing the thesis defense and meeting the relevant requirements.

(2)  The curriculum system of the professional degree of doctor of education in the field of Chinese international education consists of four modules: public courses, compulsory courses, professional elective courses and practical and practical research. The total amount of research courses shall not be less than 24 credits. The research is divided into three directions: Research on national and regional Chinese Education, Research on Chinese second language learning and teaching, Overseas dissemination of Chinese culture and International Sinology.

Application Deadline

June 10th , 2024


September 2nd, 2024


(1) Registration fee: RMB420 (non-refundable and non-transferable)

(2) Tuition fee: RMB34,000/year 

(3) Insurance: RMB800/year


(1)  Chinese Government Scholarship: Age of 45 or under; A minimum score of 180 on the HSK Test (Level 6)

(2)  International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship: Age of 45 or under; A minimum score of 200 on the HSK Test (Level 6), and 60 on the HSKK test (Advanced Level); Be interested in Chinese language education and related work.

(3)  Guangdong Government Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship: 30,000RMB, for self-sponsored students who have admitted by SCNU. Application time is usually from April to July.

Special Service

(1)    Offer help in dormitory booking in International Student Housing

(2)    For applicants who meet the admission requirements, the school can assist in visa application

Application and Warm Tips

(1)    Registration website:

(2)    Telephone: 0086-20-85215350/85210012

(3)    Email:,   

(4)    WeChat consult:ciczsb 


Application Procedure

 Go to, create an individual account 

 Fill in personal information online, upload all documents as required 

 and submit application form completely 

      ↓(About 1-2 weeks for initial review)

 After passing the initial review, an email will be sent to pay the registration fee 

↓ (About 1week)

 After confirming the reception of registration fee, school will schedule an interview 

        ↓ (Average processing time is about 1 week)

 After passing the interview, school will process the application of JW202 

    ↓ (Average processing time is about 4 weeks)

 Admission Notice and JW202 will be released to the applicant 

   ↓ ( About 1 week)

 Go to local Chinese embassy and consulates to apply for student visa 

 Register on time at SCNU 


(1) Please upload all required documents to process the whole procedure. Each document must be less than 1M.

(2) Certificates, diplomas and transcripts must be notarized copies. All documents must be translated into Chinese or English.

(3) The transfer application will not be accepted after two weeks of starting of school.

(4) Please upload valid passport and visa page, transcripts, attendance (above 80%) and transfer certificate, entry and exit records if you have been studied in any school in China.

(5) International students from some countries are required to submit the resume and notarized non-criminal certification. The specific requirements will be notified by email.

(6) Those under the age of 18 who apply for a degree or long-term education must have a guardian of Chinese nationality. The guardian's certificate must be notarized. The specific requirements will be notified by email.